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Tell me, why selecting a hosting plan for your WP site has to be so hard?!

 This is not something that’s said often on the web these days, but please don’t share this link. It’s just for our people “on the in” … our customers, readers and subscribers. 

Over the years, we’ve experimented with a lot of different web hosts quite a bit.

Partly because we just enjoy working with WordPress, but also because not that long ago, our main business model was based on taking PSD designs and turning them into live WordPress websites. So naturally, we were forced to interact with many different hosting environments, different types of servers, and so on.

Overall, hosting is a very lively topic. Probably the main stress-inducing topic there is for WordPress webmasters and site owners in general.

Selecting the right host for your needs can be really tough, and the fact that most hosting companies promise you “unlimited” transfer and disk space doesn’t help the cause very well.

So today, we have two things for you: (1)¬†we’re going to explain briefly what should you be careful about when looking for the right host, and (2)¬†we’re also going to share our recommendations and why.

Usually,¬†hosting reviews aren’t very reliable.

The main problem with many (if not the majority of)¬†hosting reviews out there is that they aren’t the most reliable source of information.

The reason for this is that you never actually know why someone is reviewing a particular hosting company. Very  often, the only reason for bloggers to write reviews is to promote something  via their affiliate links. Such shallow reviews are only meant to list some pros and cons of a hosting plan and then show you an affiliate link, not even worrying about whether or not the service in question is of good quality.

Another thing worth noticing is that  some reviews get published at the beginning stages of someone’s experience  using a particular hosting firm.

So for example, consider this scenario: A blogger gets frustrated with their current hosting provider, they cancel, then buy a new plan from a different company, and then publish an overly positive review literally the next day.

But the thing is,  most first-time experiences with any hosting company are positive . When problems present themselves, it tends to happen later down the road.

Therefore, can you trust any hosting review you find online, and how to distinguish fake reviews from the actual honest ones?

As always, it’s up to your personal judgment and the overall impression you get when reading a review, but try paying attention to a couple of indicators:

1. Does the reviewer reference any data or otherwise explain exactly why a given platform seems so great?

2. Are you familiar with the source and trust them?

3.¬†Does the reviewer have personal experience with the hosting plan, or do they rely on the host’s promotional materials only?

 If all three check out, you can assume that the review is real and you can take it into consideration  when choosing your host.

But there’s more …

Consider how big your site is.

One of the main factors you need to consider when choosing a host is how big your site is, traffic-wise.

Of course, if you’re just starting out – launching a completely new site – then the answer is fairly simple: you have 0 traffic.

In this case, you probably don’t need a managed hosting solution, and can get started with what’s called a shared hosting plan – where you share the server’s space with other people.

Note. Some reviewers will try selling you on a managed hosting solution right away … they will say that it’s an option that allows¬†you to grow better, as it can accommodate sudden spikes in¬†traffic and provides an overall better optimized environment for WordPress.

And okay, this is all true. But let’s not forget that one of the reasons people recommend managed hosting is simply because it pays better affiliate commissions due to an overall higher price tag on the hosting plan itself. So that’s that.

So where to go for advice?

Hey, you be the judge. Just like I said, you need to decide for yourself what hosting plan you’re willing to test and who you’re going to believe in terms of reviews.

But I also want to share our own opinion with you.

Like I said at the beginning, we’ve experimented with many hosting companies over the years so we do have our favorite choice. When it comes to shared hosting platforms for WordPress, it’s SiteGround (we’re skipping managed hosting plans for the exact reason I mentioned above).

SiteGround is a great solution for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money (basic plans start at $3.95 a month) and just want to get their site installed and running. SiteGround provides an optimized environment to run a WordPress site and also gives you access to good support (phone, chat, online tickets).

Why did we decide to list SiteGround as our shared host of choice? Well, because we think that when it comes to cheap, entry-level WordPress hosting, they are simply the best company out there, at least according to our personal experience.

We actually reached out to¬†SiteGround to see if we can start any kind of a partnership that would benefit our readers and customers.¬†The guys over at SiteGround were very keen to work with us, so as a result,  we can now give¬†you access to a 60% discount off¬†SiteGround’s main price. 

You can claim the discount here.

And again, please don’t share this link. It’s just for our people “on the in” … our customers, readers and subscribers.

P.S.¬†Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any hosting-related questions. We’re happy to help you find the exact hosting platform that will fit your needs hand-in-glove.

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