Beat Procrastination

Focus Planner is a PDF Framework built with proven productivity principles used by changemakers throughout history.

What FocusPlanner is

Focus Planner is designed to be simple, easy to use, so that you can:

Achieve your goals.​

Boost productivity.​

Focus on the important tasks.

Become a better version of you.

How does it work?

1. Plan

Start by writting down your most important 3 goals that you want to achieve this year, month or quarter.


Break your goals into manageable chunks.


With clear goal tracking in place, soon you will become one of the most goal oriented people you know.

2. Organize

Say goodbye to the days of merely being busy, but not getting any meaningful work done.


Focus Planner provides a weekly task layout designed to help organize your week and keep you focused on your most important tasks for each day.

3. Review

Focus Planner is designed to help you stay on track towards your goals.


At the end of each week use the review layout to assess your actions and improve from week to week.

Do you want to boost your productivity?