WordPress Theme Shop Directory 2019 – Who’s Leading the WordPress Theme Market Right Now, 110+ Theme Shops Analyzed

TL;DR: What you’re about to read is our list of 80 93 100 WordPress theme shops currently in the market, and their rank relative to one another. In other words, you can see who’s on top of the game, who’s growing, who’s declining. The WordPress theme shop directory 2019 edition.

This is embarrassing, but I still remember the talks we used to have back in the day (circa 2009-10) when I was part of a design/dev company. We were brainstorming different ideas, and one of them was to transition to building WordPress themes exclusively. I was the one to veto … saying that the market probably isn’t big enough to make it profitable long term.

Yep, that was me.

Anyway, here we are, some years later. WordPress now powers nearly 30 percent of the entire web, and the theme business is booming…

…or is it?

As you can see in the TL;DR note, this is about all the theme shops in the market currently, and the differences in their (estimated) performances.

A while ago, we stumbled upon a really cool post over at WPTheming, which inspired us to create this very resource here. Actually, it’s a continuation of WPTheming’s original list. In it, Devin shared how the theme market was growing, and how every single shop in the top 25 was doing better than last year. Devin used Alexa data for his list.

The funny thing, however, is that the data for 2017 indicates that only three WordPress theme shops have improved their Alexa position compared to our 2016 data. Just three out of more than a hundred!

Does this mean that WordPress is losing popularity? Is the theme market actually not doing all that well?

This is what we’re looking into today. But first, what’s Alexa data anyway?

Where the WordPress theme shop directory data comes from

Just like Devin a couple of years ago, we too have decided to use Alexa when estimating the theme shops’ current condition. After all, it’s the only historical data we have, and the only thing that allows us to present any sort of continuity.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Alexa rank is based on traffic estimates, coming from people who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers. The data is collected over a rolling three-month period.
  • How to read Alexa scores? For example, if a site has the rank of 5000, it means that according to Alexa, it’s the 5000th most visited website on the entire web (quite accurately, Google is #1, followed by YouTube and Facebook).

Therefore, since Alexa ranks are dropping all throughout the WordPress space (you can read a really good post on this issue here), does this mean a general decline?

The main thing to realize here is that Alexa is a relative metric. This means that a site’s rank is not only impacted by the site’s own performance, but also by the performance of the web as a whole.

For example, even if your site has maintained steady traffic, or even if your traffic has grown over a given period of time, you can still see yourself registering a drop in Alexa rank.

Why? Other sites around you might have grown at a much more rapid rate, causing you to lose your previous spot. Even worse, those fluctuations don’t even need to involve your niche. The whole web is the playground here.

So in the end, in our list/directory, we’ve decided to focus on the relative positions of the theme shops compared to one another.

We’re doing this instead of looking into the raw Alexa numbers and wondering why one shop got a specific Alexa increase while the other didn’t.


The 2019 WordPress theme shop directory

Here’s the table. Some commentary below.

(You can sort the table by clicking on the headers.)

Theme Store2017 Position (Alexa)2016 Position (Alexa)Growth
ElegantThemes01 (2946)01 (2933)0
WooThemes02 (4325)03 (4509)1
WPMU Dev03 (5812)02 (4360)-1
Theme Fusion04 (9348)04 (7525)0
aThemes05 (12981)09 (11856)4
Kriesi.at06 (13339)06 (9400)0
Muffin group07 (13975)05 (8206)-2
ThemeIsle08 (15001)07 (9880)-1
Theme Grill09 (20953)11 (12401)2
Themeco10 (21196)12 (12608)2
tagDiv11 (21695)18 (17350)7
MyThemeShop12 (23758)08 (11571)-4
SiteOrigin13 (26291)no data
StudioPress14 (27003)10 (12115)-4
Yi Themes15 (29155)14 (13918)-1
KeenThemes16 (31488)22 (18528)6
Themify17 (34640)16 (16310)-1
WPExplorer18 (36536)13 (13488)-5
AccessPress Themes19 (36841)20 (17999)1
GoodLayers20 (39805)26 (21296)6
iThemes21 (39912)24 (20327)3
Yoo Theme22 (40412)15 (14191)-7
Web-Dorado23 (44343)23 (19865)0
Press Customizr24 (46736)no data
Ink Themes25 (47414)17 (17296)-8
Artbees26 (47754)32 (23987)6
CMSMasters27 (48576)41 (31634)14
RocketTheme28 (50269)19 (17534)-9
GavickPro29 (54033)no data
TieLabs30 (55651)21 (18298)-9
Templatic31 (58912)31 (23388)0
MH Themes32 (59283)36 (28646)4
Astoundify33 (59627)42 (33825)9
Themeum34 (60524)28 (21533)-6
ThemeFuse35 (67242)33 (25108)-2
Engine Themes36 (73071)25 (20878)-11
ThemeNectar37 (73451)54 (48629)17
PixelGrade38 (75701)35 (28235)-3
FameThemes39 (76929)no data
WPZOOM40 (76960)34 (27108)-6
Theme Junkie41 (77988)27 (21415)-14
SKT Themes42 (78811)60 (54757)18
CSS Igniter43 (79210)37 (30257)-6
AppThemes44 (82672)29 (21835)-15
ProteusThemes45 (82820)47 (41423)2
Catch Themes46 (87461)66 (64961)20
ThemeZee47 (90189)no data
QuanticaLabs48 (94462)43 (35403)-5
CPO Themes49 (94631)81 (100375)32
ThemeXpert50 (95292)51 (46221)1
Compete Themes51 (99480)no data
TeslaThemes52 (100086)38 (31140)-14
The Theme Foundry53 (106868)61 (55290)8
Hogash Studio54 (112274)82 (107691)28
MageeWP55 (112285)55 (50873)0
Cyber Chimps56 (112670)52 (46260)-4
PremiumPress57 (112816)39 (31292)-18
Kadence Themes58 (113709)no data
Themes4WP59 (114589)no data
United Themes60 (115537)58 (52974)-2
Graph Paper Press61 (115706)56 (51103)-5
8 Degree Themes62 (118110)91 (138259)29
Crunch Press63 (119412)44 (36687)-19
CyberChimps64 (120412)no data
PremiumCoding65 (120602)no data
Elmastudio66 (121779)62 (58942)-4
RT-Themes67 (124283)70 (70497)3
Nimbus Themes68 (125438)30 (23313)-38
Dessign69 (126661)49 (45721)-20
Modern Themes70 (131078)no data
SM Themes71 (131468)53 (47403)-18
Webriti72 (135872)75 (80118)3
Theme Freesia73 (136406)no data
Theme Furnace74 (142248)57 (52385)-17
Cryout Creations75 (145720)no data
Swift Ideas76 (149588)48 (44632)-28
DIY Themes77 (150506)40 (31470)-37
ThemeTrust78 (158202)71 (72437)-7
ThemezHut79 (159847)no data
Bavotsan80 (161342)46 (37874)-34
Obox Themes81 (163534)72 (76663)-9
WPlook82 (165290)67 (66423)-15
Restored 316 Design83 (169121)no data
Visualmodo84 (173277)no data
Mystery Themes85 (185084)no data
HashThemes86 (188806)no data
Magazine387 (189673)45 (37726)-42
Array Themes88 (203076)no data
Momizat89 (207605)no data
Dream-Theme90 (210866)63 (59801)-27
Think Up Themes91 (213601)88 (125408)-3
Blu Chic92 (217050)94 (142679)2
Angie Makes93 (218366)no data
D5 Creation94 (222153)no data
LyraThemes95 (224682)no data
Organic Themes96 (224877)73 (78166)-23
GT3themes.com97 (225286)59 (53350)-38
Anariel Design98 (230505)105 (184670)7
HeroThemes99 (232938)90 (131279)-9
eVision Themes100 (234054)no data

Honorable mention:


Our conclusions

First off, we have to admit that we didn’t put theme markets on this list, and instead just focused on individual companies.

That being said, if ThemeForest had been on the list, it would have secured #1.

But even though ThemeForest is absent, its impact is still very much visible. Many of the shops featured in the top 10-12, for example, distribute their themes predominantly via ThemeForest.

The most known players:

The top 3 hasn’t changed since 2014. The market is still led by ElegantThemes, WPMU Dev and WooThemes. Elegant Themes did secure the top spot, though.

In all honesty, though, placing WooThemes on this list is somewhat of a stretch. At this point, the main domain redirects to woocommerce.com anyway, and the only theme offered there is Storefront.

Both Elegant Themes and WPMU Dev have devoted to blogging and posting a lot of content … scratch that, a lot of great content. They are investing heavily in content marketing, which has to contribute to SEO and the stores’ popularity overall.

Of course, the quality of the products that these three companies offer is by far the most important factor contributing to their success. Having flagship creations such as Divi, Upfront and WooCommerce in your portfolio, you can’t really go wrong.

What do you think of the current state of the WordPress theme market and the companies in it? Do you think that WordPress will continue to grow … perhaps even above the 30 percent mark in web market share?

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