WordCamp Europe – Day One Recap


I will split this by speakers and interesting things that they said (from my point of view ), you can find more things on twitter using : #wceu

SpeakerVitaly Friedman ( @smashingmag ) – Editor Smashing Magazine

Presentation : Behind the Scenes at Smashing Magazine

– You don’t need legal mumbo-jumbo

– You don’t need deadlines

– You don’t need many articles

– You don’t need investors

– You don’t need to compromise

– Since switching from list articles to editorials, Smashing Magazine gets less traffic but higher quality traffic .

– Quality content is expensive  – each article costs around $850, and per month it’s about $17,000 just on content.


SpeakerPtah Dunbar ( @ptahdunbar) – @WordPress@BuddyPress, & @bbPress core contributor

Presentation : Unit Testing like a Pirate

– WP Skeleton Plugin by @ptahdunbar Useful starting place for Unit Testing your WordPress plugins

– Grumpy phpunit


SpeakerAndrey “Rarst” Savchenko ( @Rarst ) – Community moderator at WordPress Stack Exchange

PresentationBetter Site Stacks with Composer

– Download Composer : https://getcomposer.org/Composer-Setup.exe

– So far Composer is ironing out PHP code management first before style and JavaScript resources

– If you are WordPress developer, you are PHP developer.


Speaker : Sara Rosso ( @rosso ) – VIP Global Services Manager at Automattic

PresentationWhy Big Brands Love WordPress

– WordPress now powers more than 18% of the top 10 million sites in the world

– Q : Why Big Brands love WordPress ?

– A : It’s easy to use

– A : It’s beautiful

– A : It scales

– A : You own your data

– A : You can launch quickly

– A : It integrates and plays well with other services

– A : It goes mobile and responsive

– A : You can iterate quickly with a small development team


Speaker : Tammie Lister (@karmatosed) – Theme designer and developer

PresentationThe Life of a Theme

  1. Moodboard : http://dropmark.com/ , http://flyingmeat.com/acorn/
  2. Styleguide : https://github.com/bjankord/Style-Guide-Boilerplate
  3. Wireframes : http://balsamiq.com/
  4. Build : http://underscores.me/
  5. Filter : http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Coding_Standards , http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development_Checklist , http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review
  6. Testing : http://www.browserstack.com/
  7. Launch
  8. Refine


Speaker : Kim Gjerstad ( @kgjerstad ) – Project & Product Manager @MailPoet

PresentationIs the Freemium Model Right for Your Plugin?

– Start a simple plugin at a high price and build towards it being valuable.

– Support is crucial in getting feedback.

– Upgrade regularly, helps increase downloads.


Speaker : David Coveney ( @davecoveney ) – CEO of interconnectit.com

PresentationUnlocking Enterprise with WordPress

– Fear 1 : WordPress doesn’t scale well ( CDN + Page Cache + Persistent Object Cache = Scale! )

– Fear 2 : WP’s user management is weak ( For most use cases, it’s pretty decent )

– Fear 3 :  WP has poor workflow handling ( So you haven’t heard of Edit Flow? )

– Fear 4 : VIP is expensive  ( And enterprise also likes control )

– Fear 5 : WP needs constant upgrades ( The reality is that upgrades are frequent, not needs )

– Fear 6 : WP has no auditing tools. ( It does now .. )


SpeakersKirsten SchelperElisabeth Hölzl

PresentationDeveloping WordPress Themes with Git

Roundup GitHub workflow
• Choose a project on GitHub and fork it
• Install Git on your local machine
• Clone the project to your local machine
• Do some work
• Connect your local project to the original project on
GitHub (step 3)
• Fetch updates from the original project (step 4)


SpeakersRemkus de VriesTom WillmotSimon DicksonArnstein LarsenNoel Tock

PresentationRunning a European WordPress Development Agency

– Simon Dickson says WordPress pros need to shout about their ability . He has never posted a job application. If it was it would ask for a wordpress.org profile and a twitter handle.

– Tom Wilmot said there are so many benefits as an agency if you are part of the WordPress Community .

– How to apply a job in WordPress agency: “send us links to your http://wordpress.org  community profile and twitter”


SpeakerVladimir Prelovac ( @vprelovac ) – Entrepreneur, founder at @ManageWP and @ChurnBee

PresentationFrom plugin developer to running a successful WordPress business: A ManageWP Case Study

– Use your free plugins to promote your paid plugins

– 50% of our traffic comes from the blog. It’s a sin not to blog (particularly if you run on WordPress).

– Get user feedback however and whenever you can

– Send small gifts like t-shirts

– No matter what, customer should always know you are on their side. It is much cheaper to try and retain existing than acquire new customer


SpeakersMarko HeijnenMike Schroder

PresentationPerfect Your Images Using WordPress

– http://markoheijnen.com/wordpress-new-image-manipulation/

– https://github.com/markoheijnen/WP_Image

– https://github.com/humanmade/WPThumb/


SpeakerFrederick Townes ( @w3edge ) – Founder @w3edge

PresentationBusiness Optimization

– “slowing down is the same as stoping” do not lose momentum


SpeakerBrad Williams ( @williamsba ) – co-founder of WebDevStudios.com

PresentationWriting Secure WordPress Code

– The Golden Rude of Code is to Trust No One.

– Consider all data invalid unless it can be proven valid.

– For security advice check the date as it may be out of data.


At the end, I want to say thanks to the WordCamp Europe organisers and sponsors , I also want to mention that a part of the key takeaways were inspired from : http://www.rhyswynne.co.uk/wordcamp-europe-2013-a-welshmans-thoughts/ .


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