Will WordPres Be The New Tumblr? Yes or No?

TumblrvWordpressThe only way you could have missed the news about Yahoo acquiring Tumblr was if you were hiding under a rock in the last month.

The interweb users like people in general panic quite easily. So, pretty much in the same way as we all rush to the supermarket to buy food in case we hear of an outage the same happened with Tumblr users over the past week.

Fearing that Yahoo will mess things up, although they promised they wouldn’t thousands of users fled to WordPress. In our opinion this acquisition won’t impact negatively in any way Tumblr. It’s just like Google buying Youtube or Facebook buying Instagram. The only “risk” would be being annoyed by ads, but besides that, there is no real short term risk.

More exactly, what users did was import their content from Tumblr into WordPress. A post from Matt Mullenweb, the CEO of WordPress states that in the last weekend the number of imports was 72,000 in a single hour in comparison to the usual 400 to 600.

Although this was a noticeable spike, 72,000 is pretty insignificant with the total blog posts Tumblr has which is at 51.6 billion. So it’s a lot but at the same time it doesn’t even matter. When we’ll start seeing a significant migration from one platform to another make sure we’ll let you know.

We think that competition is good in any field, even better in the CMS area. So we welcome change since it normally leads to growth and benefits to the end user.

In fact, Rober Milton VP for Six Apart, said that there are over 120 CMSes with a measurable market share  and tons of others. So we could say there’s no vacuum of offer for all those savvy web publishers out there.

Marissa_Mayer_to_YahooWe’ll still go on Tumblr and we trust that Yahoo won’t mess it up, at least not while Marissa is there, but how about you?

Did you move from Tumblr to WordPress? If yes let us know in the comments bellow!

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