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10 Best Virtual Phone System (VoIP) Solutions to Consider in 2024

Need the best virtual phone system ASAP? Probably so, since you’re here reading this post.

Whether you run an eCommerce company looking to connect with customers better or a startup looking for new leads in the marketplace, then a virtual phone system can be a huge helper.

You’ll have to consider quite a lot of features, including things like call forwarding, routing, and a lot more, but worry not, we got you covered!

Best virtual phone systems VoIP)

Your options for the best virtual phone system ☎️

In this post, I have hand-picked ten contenders for the best virtual phone system (VoIP). The best fit for you will depend on your budget, location, and needs, but they each have similar features. Here they are:

1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper virtual phone system
  • Free trial:
  • Phone numbers: 1
  • Local and toll-free numbers:
  • Mobile app:
  • Top features: call forwarding, business phone number, custom greetings, on-hold music
  • Pricing: $29 per month 💵

The first pick on our list of the best virtual phone systems is Grasshopper. By using this service, you can add a new business line to your personal phone.

This cloud-based phone system is jam-packed with advanced calling features like VoIP + WiFi calling, voicemail transcription, virtual receptionist, call blast (multiple ringing lines for customers), international calling, and more.

However, do know that it’s not a truly unified communication service that could combine phone services with email and video conferencing. Apart from that, it is a highly rated phone system for the web.

Grasshopper is good for entrepreneurs who want an affordable and professional virtual phone system for powerful remote communication.

2. MightyCall

MightyCall is one of the virtual phone systems suited to small businesses
  • Free trial:
  • Phone numbers: 2
  • Extensions: unlimited
  • Local and toll-free numbers:
  • Mobile app:
  • Top features: mini-CRM, SIP phone, IVR, and unlimited users
  • Pricing: $29.99 per month 💵

Next in line is a phone system that is absolutely amazing, both from a feature as well as functionality standpoints. Unlike Grasshopper, MightyCall doesn’t charge for additional features.

The spotlight feature of this virtual phone system is the integrated CRM that helps you track contacts and better connect with your customer base.

You can also set up custom greetings and auto attendants to improve interaction. All this makes it a good personal marketing suite. Price-wise, it’s ~$30 per month, so, as an entrepreneur, you can definitely give this tool a shot.

3. Google Voice

Google Voice
  • Free trial:
  • Phone numbers: N/A
  • Local and toll-free numbers:
  • Mobile app:
  • Top features: multi-level auto attendant, advanced reporting, unlimited SMS in US
  • Pricing: $10 per user per month 💵

Google Voice is a VoIP phone service that lets you receive calls and messages from anywhere around the globe.

Google Voice comes in two flavors, for personal and business use. The latter has all the features you might need as a small business. You can try Google Voice personal for free, but the business plans start at $10 per user per month.

The only flaw is that Google Voice isn’t available worldwide. Check the official doc to make sure you can use it in your country.

4. Freshcaller

  • Free trial:
  • Phone numbers: unlimited
  • Local and toll-free numbers:
  • Mobile app:
  • Top features: advanced inbound routing engine, custom reporting, omnichannel customer timeline
  • Pricing: $15 per user per month 💵

I personally like the Freshworks cloud phone system for the functionality that aligns well with modern-day tech. For instance, it comes equipped with an omnichannel marketing solution.

The call center phone package is not a general purpose VoIP but more of a cloud solution aimed at call centers or customer support.

Freshcaller allows phone numbers in 90+ countries and requires no phone hardware. They will provide you with robust features for as low as $15 per user per month (billed annually). You can further buy local and toll-free numbers or get call credit for additional calls.

You may also be interested in:

5. Talkroute

Talkroute virtual phone system
  • Free trial:
  • Phone numbers: 1
  • Local and toll-free numbers:
  • Mobile app:
  • Top features: unlimited calls, call stacking, and live call transfer
  • Pricing: $19 per month 💵

Talkroute is one of the best virtual phone systems for converting your mobile or desktop into a professional, fully functional business phone solution.

This one is especially good for small and growing businesses that don’t need very advanced features. Still, you can get some of the more advanced stuff with them too, but it’s going to be more expensive vs some of the other tools.

The entry-level plan will cost you less than $20 to get started, and you’ll be able to make unlimited incoming and outgoing calls in the US and Canada.

6. 8×8

  • Free trial:
  • Phone numbers: 2
  • Local and toll-free numbers:
  • Mobile app:
  • Top features: call handling, IVR, unlimited internet fax, cross-platform team messaging, skill-based routing
  • Pricing: $12 per month 💵

8×8 is a cloud-based complete communication solution. This unified system provides tools for small to mid-sized businesses.

The first thing that sets this service apart is the robust customer support. Despite the lowest starting price, they provide plenty of features in their base offering. For instance, you get call forwarding, auto attendants, and unlimited calls. These features are otherwise available for a higher price with other virtual phone systems.

  • Free trial:
  • Phone numbers: 1
  • Local and toll-free numbers:
  • Mobile app:
  • Top features: HIPAA compliance, account management, unlimited extensions, call screening
  • Pricing: $12.99 per month 💵

What makes a good fit on our list of the best virtual phone systems is its powerful communication technology backed by award-winning customer support.

You will get to choose from ample communication tools. Talking specifically about virtual phone technology, you get 40+ standard features for as low as ~$13 per month ($10 when billed annually).

The only features you’ll be missing out on are reporting and auto dialers. Apart from that, it’s a great choice for a small business phone service to make and receive VoIP calls over the internet.

They don’t offer a free trial, but you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

8. RingCentral

  • Free trial:
  • Phone numbers: N/A
  • Local and toll-free numbers:
  • Mobile app:
  • Top features: unlimited business SMS, unlimited calls, team messaging
  • Pricing: $19.99 per user month 💵

RingCentral’s vast experience with call center telephone services makes them one of the top choices for companies that are looking for a wide range of features. You will get everything from artificial intelligence to video conferencing to smooth workflows.

If you’re planning to conduct any performance appraisals via calls, you’ll need a global network. Their network infrastructure covers Europe, US, and Asia, so you can get a worldwide phone experience. This is a virtual phone system that is for highly mobile entrepreneurs as well as remote agencies.

9. UniTel Voice

UniTel voice
  • Free trial:
  • Phone numbers: 1
  • Local and toll-free numbers:
  • Mobile app:
  • Top features: voice talent studio, unlimited call handling, SIP trunking, and voicemail transcription
  • Pricing: $9.99 per month 💵

UniTel Voice is a virtual phone system specifically for entrepreneurs. It will not only fit your budget, but it will also provide you with useful features such as call logging, routing, etc.

You can connect with your customers using calls, messaging, and voicemails, and no additional phone system equipment is required.

You can easily run and grow your business via this cloud-based phone solution. Everything from network reliability to customer service is great. Overall, choose this if you don’t want extremely advanced features but would rather prefer a virtual service that doesn’t require deep pockets.

10. CallHippo

  • Free trial:
  • Phone numbers: 1
  • Local and toll-free numbers:
  • Mobile app:
  • Top features: global connect, call barging, call analytics
  • Pricing: $14 per user per month 💵

CallHippo is for those who want a virtual phone system with basic features (voicemail, teams, SMS, forward to device, etc.) at a pocket-friendly price.

With that said, the plans are still scalable, so you can also unlock higher tier plans that are similar to most of the other phone systems on the list. Those additional features include things like automated transcriptions, call scripts, personalized onboarding, and much more for empowering your operations.


Virtual phone systems are one of the best ways to automate your business and focus on the important stuff. You can not only generate better leads but also, as a remote company, connect better with your team overall.

Here’s my final take on the best virtual phone system:

  • If you run a small business and want a solution that’s easy to get started with but can also grow with you, go with Grasshopper, MightyCall, or RingCentral.
  • Freshcaller or CallHippo are good for flexible plans in case you’re not sure how many features you’ll need.
  • If you’re a solo entrepreneur or want a solution for various applications from time to time, choose Google Voice or UniTel Voice.

Interested in other tools you can use to make your business more effective? Check out the best CRM software on the market.

Do you have any questions about virtual phone systems? Ask us in the comments below!

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