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This Is How You Get Stunning Content Presentation on a WordPress Site [Codeinwp Roundup 001]

Is it just my impression or do people generally don’t care that much about the so called “content blocks” on their WordPress sites?

Where by “content block,” I mean the main block where the actual article or blog post is visible.

For instance, even if you look at the official theme gallery at, you’ll see that most theme designs are focused primarily around headers, sidebars, and occasional backgrounds. Whereas the content blocks are mostly all Arial 14px, probably with no image styles.

Well, that can’t be right. After all, the content block is where the majority of your visitor’s attention is focused, so we owe it to them in a big way to make those content blocks as stunning (and readable) as possible.


Note. This is the first episode of our new series – the Codeinwp Roundup. In it, we’ll be presenting various articles and tutorials from around the web on how to achieve specific things on your WordPress site.

The thing that sets us apart from other roundup posts is that what we present is always related to one specific topic, and isn’t just a set of random WordPress articles put together.

As you can see, the topic for today is stunning content presentation.


#1 – Typography

Perfecting your typography is usually the best thing you can do to set your site apart and make it look unique, or at least have this unique feel that people can’t quite put their finger on but they know it’s there.

So the first bit of advice today comes from Tom Ewer: Improve Your WordPress Website Typography With Google Fonts


In it, Tom explains why you should use Google Fonts, how to do it on a WordPress site, and even what fonts will be the most suitable for your particular site.

#2 – Long-form content vs. short-form content

Even though every WordPress site is capable of displaying long-form content, not every design is optimized to handle it.

11 Questions To Ask Before Adding Long-Form Content To Your WordPress Site


In this post, Chris Knowles explains what is long-form content, how it can benefit your site, what workflow you need to showcase it, what templates you need, and how to optimize it for maximum impact.

#3 – Multimedia content

Nowadays, a quality WordPress site is often about so much more than just text. Mainly, you also have images, audio, and video.

Images are quite straightforward, WordPress can handle those with no problem and the only thing you need to do is prepare some nice CSS styles to showcase them properly.

Audio and video on the other hand, might not be that obvious.

Three articles here:

How to embed audio and video players in WordPress


Basic roundup of embed features in the newer versions of WordPress. Check it out to make sure you didn’t miss anything that’s been introduced lately.

Podcasting with WordPress: Some Tips and Plugins to Help You Get Started


Podcasting has grown hugely over the years as a way for people to reach a totally different kind of audience. WordPress nicely follows suit in this department and delivers you a number of possibilities.

Top 7 Most Stylish YouTube WordPress Gallery Plugins


If you want to showcase more than one video at a time, this is how you do it. This advice will be especially useful for online training sites, and basically all WordPress sites where video makes up the core of the content.

That’s all for this episode. Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see next time.

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