Testimonials … Are You Doing It Right? (as Taught by Sam Lloyd)

Since we started this business back in July 2011, we’ve had the privilege to work with lots of awesome people. Really, lots of them! But there’s one specific story we’d like to share with you today.

A couple of weeks ago, we got contacted by Sam Lloyd of Qualtrics. Sam was actually our very first client.

Like most businesses, we like to receive testimonials, so we asked Sam if he could write us a couple of sentences about his experiences.

But since Sam is a writer, he has a different way of approaching these things. Let’s just say we got waaaay more than we asked for.

You can see the full message below.

But what’s in it for you?

I guess that’s the big question on your mind right now.

The answer’s simple.

Read it if you want to find out if Codeinwp is the right company for you to work with.

I consider myself a jack of many trades.

I’m an athlete.

I’m a designer.

I’m a writer.

But what I’m not, is a coder. Is it because I couldn’t be if I set my mind to it? No. It’s because it’s an entirely new skill set. I’ve tried to learn PHP and WordPress backends fully. But I realized really quickly how deep of a knowledge it takes to ‘get it’ the way I would want to get it.

So when it came time to build a quality, custom website for myself, I knew I needed some serious help. When it came time for me to do it for companies, I definitely needed serious help.

Instead of attempting to slop together a theme myself with my very limited coding knowledge, I set out to find someone who could implement my design perfectly into a theme.

I found Codeinwp and thankfully I chose to go with them. Not only did it result in a great theme, it has always been a terrific experience working with them.

Here are 4 reasons why I love working with Codeinwp for my WordPress backend dev jobs.

1. They are fast

I’ve gotten a few projects done by Ionut and his team. They have always performed in a very timely fashion. We’ve set deadlines and they’ve always delivered, usually before even.

This is a big deal to me because I’m a type A personality to the max and when I see something that needs to happen, I want it to happen as rapidly as possible.

Codeinwp has this same mindset which has resulted in every request being done quickly.

2. They do things right

I’ve outsourced to many different individuals and companies in the past.

Unfortunately, it’s almost always been a disappointment. The work almost always came back half way done and half way done right.

This has never been the case with Codeinwp. Working with them on multiple projects now I’ve grown accustomed to getting work done perfectly.

Whenever I outsource something their way I can breathe easy knowing it will be done correctly.

3. They are always there for support

Admittedly, I can be a huge pain in the butt for people I’m paying money to. After all, I want their full ability to be used and implemented.

Because of this, I ask for a lot, and I’m sure I can be annoying. Just the other day I sent a question off to Ionut about a random coding issue I was having with one of my clients. It had nothing to do with a project I was paying for, but Ionut was very willing to drop what he was doing to help me out.

This kind of support just isn’t that common, and it’s very valuable to get projects done right. Codeinwp provides terrific support which keeps me coming back to them over and over again.

4. They have taught me lots of new things

I love to learn, and I’m always asking questions (remember when I admitted to being annoying just a second ago). So naturally, it’s important to me to work with people who love to teach and share what they know.

This is a information abundance mentality and nothing makes me a happy client more than a willingness to answer questions and share technology knowledge.


This one may sound dumb, but if you want to advance your career and skill sets in general, it takes a constant willingness to learn. It also takes finding the right people to teach you! I’m not saying Codeinwp is some sort of coding school, because they aren’t. But working with them has been a sort of apprenticeship that has helped my career immensely.


-Sam Lloyd

Which brings me to another thing. Would you like to share your own story? Don’t worry, you can use fewer words.