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15 Remote Jobs for Stay at Home Moms and Dads That Pay Well

Whether you’re hoping to keep your professional skills sharp, start a new career, or simply add a little bit of money to the household budget, there are plenty of remote jobs for stay at home moms.

👉 In this guide to work-from-home jobs for moms, we’ll explore:

remote jobs for stay at home moms

We’ll also provide further resources for finding remote work and successfully working from home after you’ve landed the job.

When you’re finished reading, you’ll have all the tools you need to start 🎬 looking for a remote job.

How can a stay at home mom make money?

There are three things you need to do before you start searching for a remote job: understand what types of remote work are out there, choose the type of job you want, and learn how to avoid scams.

Understanding the types of remote work

Many office jobs have been adapted for remote work since the beginning of the pandemic. This means you can do almost any computer-based job from home. Still, some jobs are more commonly done from home than others, such as:

  • IT/programming
  • Data entry
  • Web design and development
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting

There are also some jobs that are done entirely online, like Virtual Assistant work.

Understanding the types of remote work available isn’t just about understanding the industries you might find work in, though. You also need to understand the difference between fully remote jobs, hybrid jobs, and location-requirement remote jobs.

Fully remote jobs will never require you to come into a physical office. They’re also open to hiring people from anywhere in the world.

Hybrid jobs require you to come into the office one or more days per week.

Location-requirement remote jobs might not call you into the office, but they do require you to live in a certain location. This is often for legal or tax purposes.

Be sure to keep an eye out for location requirements or sneakily phrased hybrid jobs when looking at work-from-home jobs for moms.

Choosing the type of job you want

Next, you’ll need to decide what jobs you’re going to pursue. You can figure this out in two steps:

Assess your skills 🔧

The first thing you’ll need to consider is what professional skills you have that can be used in a work-from-home job for stay at home moms. This includes both the obvious skills like familiarity with office software and less obvious skills like time management.

These skills don’t have to come from your previous day job, either. If you have a passion project like a blog that runs on WordPress, you can use that to demonstrate a variety of skills: comfortability with WordPress, ability to write and publish content on a regular schedule, and writing/typing skills.

Assess the market 💸

Next, you need to figure out how your skills can be applied to existing remote jobs for moms.

Some of this will be readily apparent. For example, if you’re skilled with Photoshop and Illustrator, you can apply to graphic design jobs.

Other times, you’ll need to take a closer look at individual job listings to see what types of skills they’re looking for. To do this, scroll down this article to the job category you’re most interested in, head to the relevant job boards, and look at the first five to ten positions listed to see what they need. You might be surprised at how well your qualifications fit!

Avoiding scams 😈

Unfortunately, for every real work-from-home job there’s at least one scam. These “opportunities” can scam you out of thousands of dollars or even lead to identity theft, so it’s important to know what to look out for.

There are a few red flags to look for when you’re applying for remote work:

  • Language that sounds too good to be true, like “make money fast.”
  • Fees for the job application or any setup fees required before you start the job.
  • Jobs that accept you too quickly/don’t require an interview.

If you’re ever unsure about an opportunity, Google the company name with the word “scam.” This will help you find out if the company/opportunity is legitimate.

Remote jobs for stay at home moms

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of different types of work-from-home positions, let’s take a look at the jobs themselves.

Please note that all salaries listed are based on US salaries and are meant to give you an idea of the possibilities. You may end up earning significantly more or significantly less based on the specific job, where you live, and other criteria.

Typing jobs for moms

Typing jobs for moms

1. Typist

As a typist, you’ll get paid to type up meetings, legal proceedings, or medical procedures as they happen.

Average annual salary: $32,941 according to

Skills/training required:

  • Minimum 40 WPM (Words Per Minute) average
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word and possibly other word processors
  • Good listening skills

Where to find remote typist jobs:; FlexJobs

Don’t know your WPM? Test it for free + take typing lessons to sharpen your skills at

2. Data entry clerk

If you’re good at working with spreadsheets and tracking small details, data entry might be the perfect job for you.

Average annual salary: $38,126 according to

Skills/training required:

  • Fast and accurate typing
  • Experience creating and managing spreadsheets
  • Attention to detail

Where to find remote data entry jobs: FlexJobs;

3. Transcriptionist

Get paid to transcribe all kinds of audio files—from podcasts to audio recordings of legal proceedings.

Average annual salary: $39,000 according to

If you have experience in a field like medicine or law you can apply for specialized transcription jobs that typically offer a higher pay rate.

Skills/training required:

  • Excellent listening skills
  • Fast and accurate typing
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word and possibly other word processors
  • Attention to detail

Where to find remote transcriptionist jobs: TranscribeMe; FlexJobs

Computer science jobs for moms

Computer science jobs for moms

4. Help Desk worker/IT

If you’re knowledgeable about computers and you like working with people, you may want to become a Help Desk worker.

Average annual salary: $46,550 according to GlassDoor

Skills/training required:

Where to find remote help desk worker jobs: Virtual Vocations; FlexJobs

5. Computer programmer

If you like to solve complex problems and you’re interested in learning code (or already know it), computer programming can be a great work-from-home job.

Average annual salary: $73,230 according to

Skills/training required:

  • Experience with and/or certification in a programming language like Python

Where to find remote computer programmer jobs:; FlexJobs

6. Web developer

As a web developer, you’ll focus on creating and maintaining the technical foundation for a successful website.

Average annual salary: $67,434 according to

If you’re interested in learning more about how much you can make in this field, read our full article on average web developer salaries.

Skills/training required:

  • Experience with and/or certification in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Many positions also require a working knowledge of PHP

Where to find remote web developer jobs: FlexJobs; Workopolis

7. Web designer

If you’ve got graphic design skills, you can become a web designer, creating the visual presentation of a website.

Average annual salary: $62,464 according to

Skills/training required:

  • Experience in web design and/or certifications in graphic design
  • Proficiency with Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Many positions also require knowledge of one or more programming languages

Where to find remote web designer jobs: Dribble; FlexJobs

Interested in working with WordPress? Check out our guide, 20+ Sites to Find WordPress Jobs.

Writing jobs for moms

Writing jobs for moms

8. Copywriter

Copywriting is typically defined as writing that specifically aims to sell a product or service. If you’re better at persuading people with written words than spoken ones, copywriting might be the ideal remote job for a stay at home mom like you.

Average annual salary: $53,538 according to

Skills/training required:

Where to find remote copywriter jobs: FlexJobs; DynamiteJobs

9. Content/blog writer

Content writers create guides, blog posts, and other content that isn’t directly aimed at making a sale.

Average annual salary: $58,500 according to

Skills/training required:

Where to find remote content writer jobs: FlexJobs; Content Writing Jobs

Interested in learning more about becoming a writer? Read our full-guide on how to become a freelance writer. It includes more in-depth guidance on what’s required to excel in the writing positions mentioned above.

You can also check out our guide to the 15+ best blogging jobs sites or our guide to 30+ websites offering part-time writing jobs. Alternatively, you can also start your own blog and then monetize it through different means. Granted, this is a more difficult path, but also one that can end up being more profitable over the long term. Here’s a guide on how to start a blog in the food niche, for example.

10. Editor

If you want to manage writers and guide the content of a blog, magazine, or other publication, an editorial position might be right for you.

Average annual salary: $55,797 according to

Skills/training required:

  • Written communication skills
  • Deep understanding of the English language (or whatever language you’ll be editing in)
  • Team management skills
  • Understanding of content strategy
  • Proofreading certification
  • Demonstrable knowledge of and/or certification in SEO may also be needed if you plan on applying to edit blogs or online publications

Where to find remote editor jobs: FlexJobs; Virtual Vocations

Art and design jobs for moms

Art and design jobs for moms

11. Graphic designer

If you’re interested in learning or are already a master of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, then graphic design might be the right work-from-home job for you.

Average annual salary: $54,018 according to

Skills/training required:

Where to get remote graphic designer jobs: Dribble; FlexJobs

12. Video editor

If you’re familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects you can access a plethora of remote jobs offered by companies and creators.

Average annual salary: $48,941

Skills/training required:

  • Experience with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills
  • Familiarity with the full Adobe Suite may be a requirement of many video editor job postings

Where to get remote video editor jobs: FlexJobs; SimplyHired

Marketing jobs for moms

Marketing jobs for moms

13. Social media specialist

If you’re savvy with big social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, and you have a mind for content strategy, you can turn those skills into money by becoming a social media specialist.

Average annual salary: $47,373 according to

Skills/training required:

  • Experience with various social media platforms
  • A deep understanding of analytics and social media strategy
  • Strong teamwork and/or leadership skills
  • Content (writing, graphic design, and/or video) creation skills

Where to get remote social media specialist jobs: FlexJobs; SimplyHired

14. SEO strategist

As an SEO strategist, you’ll help companies with their marketing plans and content schedules to help them rank better within Google’s search results.

Average annual salary: $65,990 according to

Skills/training required:

Where to get remote SEO strategist jobs: FlexJobs; LinkedIn

15. Marketing strategist

If you have a broad range of marketing skills and an excellent mind for strategy, you can find remote work as a marketing strategist.

Average annual salary: $70,000 according to

Skills/training required:

  • Experience in content creation
  • Deep understanding of marketing strategy
  • Familiarity with analytics
  • Good teamwork and leadership skills

Where to find remote marketing specialist jobs: SimplyHired; FlexJobs

Final advice on finding remote jobs for stay at home moms

Now that you’ve seen that there are work-from-home jobs for moms 👩 in many different industries, you’re ready to start 🏁 looking for work. Just remember a few things during your search:

  • Watch out for hybrid jobs disguised as remote positions.
  • Pay attention to location requirements.
  • Research companies before you apply to avoid scams. Start by Googling: [company name] + scam.
  • Assess your most valuable work-from-home skills and make sure to emphasize those skills on your resume.
  • If something on this list really excites you, but you don’t have the qualifications, look into the training. You can often find affordable training and/or programs to help lower-income people receive training.

Most of all, don’t get discouraged if your first few applications fall through. There are more remote jobs for stay at home moms than ever, but job hunting is still a game of persistence and patience.

What are your thoughts on finding remote jobs for stay at home moms? Lets us know in the comments section below!

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