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Do You Know How to Protect your WordPress Sites?

If you keep up to speed with the latest WordPress news you will already know that the world’s favorite CMS was recently hit with a botnet of “tens of thousands” of computers. What is more concerning is that some experts are suggesting that the worst is yet to come. Experts says that the 90,000 WordPress blogs were attacked. The 90,000 WordPress blogs that got hacked

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8 Most Common Mistakes for WordPress Users

Face it – we are people, and people make mistakes. WordPress users are not different; we make mistakes too. If we cannot prevent them, we’d better learn from our mistakes; however, there is always a better solution: To learn from other people’s mistakes would be the perfect scenario. Here we’ll take a look at eight of the most common mistakes WordPress users make, and how

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WordPress Free Themes – don’t use them

WordPress can be used as a free CMS for any blog. Everyone wants to save money, so most bloggers at first will choose a free WordPress template instead of a premium (paid) option. The problem is that most or even all premium WordPress themes can now be found free (because they have been pirated) on the internet and can be installed with ease. There are

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