Looking for the Best eCommerce Platform? Top Contenders Compared

Looking for the best eCommerce platform is kind of like looking for the best car.

There really isn’t one. (more…)

How to Format Your WordPress Blog Posts (Insights Based on 2,500,000-Words of Experience Publishing Content)

Nearly 1.4 million WordPress blog posts are published every single day. And that’s great news(!) … somewhat. (more…)

Free WordPress Hosting: Is It Worth It? Data Gives Us the Answer

First off, let’s try answering the most pressing question: Where’s the money made with free WordPress hosting platforms? (more…)

February 2017 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

 This is the February 2017 edition of “This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP.” 

Has your WordPress site been hacked in the last 30 days? If so, you’re joining 1.5 million other WordPress users who have found themselves in the same situation. Unfortunately, yes, hacking was very much the main hot topic in the WordPress world this February. (more…)

10+ Best Music WordPress Themes for 2017

Planning to launch a music-related website on WordPress? If so, here’s a list of the best music WordPress themes on the market. These themes have been hand-picked and checked to make sure that they have something unique to offer (both in terms of features and appearance) to every artist, blogger, musician, or music news site out there. (more…)

6 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers Compared (From $0.82 / Month)

Finding the right WordPress host is complicated enough on its own – never mind finding one that’s both good and cheap. With this in mind, we decided to conduct our own tests to identify the best cheap WordPress hosting providers currently on the market. (more…)

How to Optimize Your ThemeForest Landing Page (Item Page) – Elite Authors Chip In

When first jumping on the Envato train as a theme author, no one really knows where the rails are heading. There are no manuals or steps to follow that would guarantee the success of your ThemeForest themes. What’s even worse, the word goes that for those too late to the Envato party, the train has long left the station. (more…)

Transparency Report #24 – How to Increase Your Google Rankings Overnight

Welcome to the 24th edition of our monthly transparency report (for January 2017). This is a series where I discuss everything that’s been going on at CodeinWP and ThemeIsle from a business point of view. Plans, strategies, revenues, and more. Click here to see the previous reports. (more…)

New Tags Coming to the WordPress Plugin Repo? Users Respond With an Unanimous “Meh”

According to our small survey, 90% of users say they don’t care if a free plugin they’re getting from the directory is only a limited, “lite” version of the fully-featured PRO.

Okay, I might have BuzzFeeded the stats a bit here. The exact question we asked was, “Would you not use a WordPress.org plugin, just because it has a PRO version also available?” Again, 90% said “no.” (more…)

January 2017 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

 This is the January 2017 edition of “This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP.” 

It’s the beginning of 2017, and we’re starting out our WordPress news sessions with a strong edition. Things have been moving pretty quickly recently, and it seems like no one ever takes too long of a break from working on their WordPress projects, do they? (more…)