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October 2017 Comics w/ CodeinWP … #WordPress #WordPressReviews #RSS

We have a new series that we’d like to share with you!

As you can see, it’s all about comics – WordPress comics!

We always love to experiment with new content ideas, and this time we just couldn’t resist doing something purely for fun. Hence, comics!

Most of what you’ll see here is related to WordPress in one way or the other. Granted, not everything is strictly “in-the-trenches WordPress,” but still! We hope to cover many diverse aspects of our lives as developers, designers, writers, support engineers, and marketers. Right off the bat, I’m more than positive that you will resonate with at least a couple of these comic strips!

Now, let’s start the first edition of this “WordPress Comics of the Month” series with a set of illustrations created by Christian Mirra, a really talented artist. We hope you’ll enjoy what you see here and leave this roundup with a big smile on your face – just like the one we had when we saw these comics for the first time. 😀

October 2017 WordPress Comics

The end justifies the means, right?

Seems like a sensible donations plugin ...

Your common “one-star review” scenario…

Your ordinary plugin reviews ...

Is it just me or it’s not the plugin that should receive the one-star review?

The first rule is…

Never talk about Pinterest group boards...

Okay, but why should people talk about Pinterest group boards anyway? Because they can be beneficial for your business.

This is (more or less) how you make RSS feeds work…

RSS feeds to the rescue!

Why waste time writing when there’s always someone who will do it for you? RSS feeds seem to be on the job.

Don’t be the 90-year-old adolescent designer…

Here's what happens when you ignore plugin updates

“Knock, knock! Do you have five minutes to talk about updating your WordPress site?”
That sums up this first edition in the series – October 2017 WordPress comics. We’re planning to feature some illustrated WordPress news next time, based on our monthly news series. Now, we would love to hear your thoughts. Have you ever been confronted with any of the situations above? 🙂

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