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May 2016 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

 This is the May 2016 edition of This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP. 
Welcome to another edition of our WordPress monthly news series. We have both exciting and controversial news from the world of WordPress lined up for you today.

… The summer is coming, WordPress keeps getting older, WordCamp Europe is just around the corner, plus a lot of news stories from team Automattic. This is May 2016 in WordPress in a sentence.

May 2016 in WordPress

WordPress is a Teenager

WordPress is a teenager. Last month, the platform turned thirteen. Matt Mullenweg reminds us about this on his blog. Bringing back the memories of releasing the first version ever in 2003.

Here’s the original launch post. An interesting read, considering where this small publishing platform has taken us over the years.

WP Teenager

woo domains
Automattic Going After Sites with Woo in Their Domain Name

After acquiring WooCommerce a year ago, Automattic now allegedly tries to remove the word “Woo” from any domain name on the web.

They reportedly seek businesses that use this word in the website domain and then ask them to change it to something else.

Who will be affected by this request? Most likely all companies operating in the WordPress space that use the word “woo”. One of the first casualties of this has been WooGPL, which was forced to re-brand to GPLKit.

Dark clouds or not? What do you think?

Automattic Introduces WooCommerce Connect

Automattic is working hard to make the WooCommerce experience easier for the user. Their newest project is to build a way to connect WooCommerce to hosted services/components and thus make launching and running new stores easier.

So, no need to worry about hosting, SSL certificates, payment gateways, PCI, any of that … WooCommerce Connect has you covered.

woocommerce connect

live streaming
Watch #WCEU wherever you are: get a free live stream ticket!

If you didn’t get a ticket to WordCamp Vienna, you still have a chance to watch the whole conference right from your living room. The live streaming will be free … but hurry up because the spots are limited.

There are less than 180 tickets remaining, so this is your last chance to catch up with what’s going to be the largest WordCamp Europe to date. Click here to grab your ticket, quickly!

The Recommended Hosting Page is Revamped, Features Flywheel for the First Time

Bluehost, DreamHost, Flywheel, and SiteGround is the new lineup of the “recommended hosting” page over at The page has been updated for the first time in a while, with Flywheel making its debut.

As always with this kind of thing, controversy soon followed and countless questions have been raised about the process of picking the companies. Though, Matt Mullenweg came forward with an explanation, chiming in on how criteria were weighted, who made the decisions, and how much money was involved.

hosting page revamped

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6 plugins to keep your WordPress site on-trend

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The Periodic Table of WordPress Plugins

Here’s something new (and uber cool) … a periodic table of WordPress plugins. Enough said.

Sucuri Report: Outdated Plugins Leading Cause Of WordPress Site Hacks

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How to Create Retina Display Image Assets for Better Looking Websites

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The real value you get when you buy a creatively handcrafted WordPress theme

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That’s it for this edition. Anything we missed?
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