Material Design Templates for Vue, Angular, React (Material UI)

Wouldn’t it be way more convenient for developers to design UIs if they could work with some kind of a standard or common starting point? Well, this is where material design templates come into play!

Taking the “card” concept that came about with Google Now, material design enhances it with grid-based layouts, responsive animations, padding, depth effects and more. In this way, it makes it easier to combine technical advances with good design development.

To make UI building even simpler, a number of frameworks and templates are readily available that incorporate Google’s material design principles. This is exactly what our focus in today’s post is. Here are the best material design templates for Vue, Angular, and React.

Lets get started:

Material design templates for React

1. Material Design React Admin

Material Design React Admin viewMaterial Design React Admin on mobile
  • 18 color schemes
  • Light and dark themes
  • Responsive and supports high resolution screens
  • Multiple layouts, modular code
  • Lazy loading
  • Admin template and landing page
  • Uses CSS and SaaS for easily changing variables

2. Jumbo React

Jumbo React viewJumbo React on mobile
  • Seven dashboards, 150+ widgets
  • Six navigation styles and six built-in apps
  • Async loading
  • 130+ designed pages
  • Ready to use light, semi-dark and dark shades
  • Fully responsive
  • RTL and multilingual support

3. Portal

Portal viewPortal on mobile
  • Six layouts, stylish dashboard
  • Two example apps
  • 15+ Elements pages
  • Uses latest Material UI components
  • Lazy loading and RTL support
  • SASS stylesheets
  • Nine built-in themes

4. Material Dashboard React

Material Dashboard React viewMaterial Dashboard React on mobile
  • Built over the popular Material-UI v3.1.0 framework
  • 200 components
  • 28 example pages
  • Ten customized plugins
  • Five color filter choices
  • Option for background image in sidebar
  • Navigation on left sidebar

5. React Admin

React Admin viewReact Admin on mobile
  • Super fast, highly customizable UI
  • Full featured datagrid
  • Filter as-you-type
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Customizable dashboard, menu, layout
  • Connects to multiple backends
  • Supports any form layout

6. Primer

Primer viewPrimer on mobile
  • Light and dark themes
  • Fully responsive RTL support
  • AoT compilation
  • JSS styling
  • Easy to customize
  • Five built-in apps
  • Five example pages

Material design templates for Vue

7. Vuely

Vuely viewVuely on mobile
  • Multiple dashboards
  • Fully responsive
  • 200+ UI elements
  • 78+ custom widgets
  • Multiple theme options
  • Quill editor, WYSIWYG editor
  • 1500+ Font icons, RTL support

8. Vue Material Dashboard

Vue Material Dashboard viewVue Material Dashboard on mobile
  • 200 components
  • 15 plugins
  • 27 example pages
  • Material Icon fonts
  • Login, Register, Pricing and Lock pages
  • Data tables and calendar
  • Vector map and mini sidebar

9. Vuse

Vuse viewVuse on mobile
  • Multiple layouts, many example pages
  • Dark and light color themes
  • Fully responsive
  • Built-in apps
  • Configurable template layouts
  • Quick start kit
  • Custom color management

10. Vue Material Admin

Vue Material Admin viewVue Material Admin on mobile
  • Nine layouts
  • Includes a chat app
  • Four widgets available
  • Multiple theme options
  • Error and login pages
  • Date and time picker
  • Dark and light sidebar options

11. Vuetify Material Dashboard

Vuetify Material Dashboard viewVuetify Material Dashboard on mobile
  • Modular structure
  • 16 handcrafted components
  • Two customized plugins
  • Seven example pages
  • Material design icons
  • Sidebar filters
  • Color options

Material design templates for Angular

12. Fuse

Fuse viewFuse on mobile
  • Dark and light themes
  • Many built-in apps
  • More than ten page examples
  • Configurable template layouts
  • Custom color management
  • 20+ page layouts
  • AoT compiler support

13. Triangular

Triangular viewTriangular on mobile
  • Five dashboards
  • Six template layouts
  • Tons of page designs
  • Responsive
  • Many example apps
  • PSDs included
  • Multi-language ready

14. Elastic UI

Elastic UI viewElastic UI on mobile
  • Completely modular
  • 300 Material Icons
  • Snack bar notifications
  • Modals available
  • Angular Flex layout
  • Completely customizable widgets
  • Nested routing

15. Gradus

Gradus viewGradus on mobile
  • Pre-made layots included
  • Responsive with many example pages
  • Lazy loading, nested routing
  • AoT compilation
  • Data tables, charts, dynamic menu
  • Landing page
  • Scrollbar

16. Fury

Fury viewFury on mobile
  • Modular structure
  • 300+ Material Icons
  • Snackbar notifications
  • Nested routing
  • Advanced Google Maps integration
  • Fully customizable widgets
  • Breadcrumbs are auto-generated

17. MaterialPro

MaterialPro viewMaterialPro on mobile
  • Light and dark versions
  • Four color schemes
  • Wide range of widgets
  • 25+ Angular components
  • 2000+ Font Icons
  • Fully responsive
  • 250+ Page templates
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