Keep your Comments Thread Awesome

So you have a blog. You’ve got all your great articles on there and, like many bloggers, you’ve decided to have a comments thread for each article. You know what? That’s awesome and you know you love when someone starts a quality, relevant conversation in the thread. Then you start getting the spam. “I like this post.” “Check out my site.” It gets cluttered with all the stuff that gets online readers really annoyed. So how can you keep your comments thread lookin’ good?

Remove DoFollow

You’re going to want to get rid of DoFollow. If comments can only have “nofollow” links, spammers will be a lot less attracted to the thread. A lot of comments with “dofollow” links are by people who are there just to leave comments. DoFollow was a nice way to show a little appreciation for comments, but now it just does more harm than good.

Lay Down the Law

Sometimes it helps just to tell commenters not to be stupid. Lay down some rules at the top of comment threads. No rudeness, obscenities, spam, etc. It’s not a guarantee, but at least it shows you’re trying to fix it.

Close Comments After Time

Some larger sites will just disable comments after some amount of time. There’s usually no reason for people to be commenting on a page three months afterwards. The problem arises with articles like tutorials, as these can get outdated and a comment is usually what alerts the author to the problem.

Use Comment Rating Systems

Platforms like Discus allow users to rate comments. You may want to try Comments Vote, as that collapses negatively voted comments. These platforms are useful, but hard to style. You may also want to reward great commenters with designs and maybe even “dofollow” links.

Use Social Networking Comment Platforms

People are a lot less likely to spam if the comments show up on their social network profiles. The downside to this is that some good commenters don’t want to give another site access to their social network accounts. A popular choice, should you choose to do this, is the Facebook Comments Box.


Akismet is a comment filter plugin for WordPress. Instead of you sorting through all comments, Akismet filters all of them for you. It’s free for personal sites, but costs for commercial and business sites.

Check Up on the Comments Thread

This is just a common sense answer, but make sure to keep an eye on the comments thread, or even ask people to send a message your way about repeat offenders. The best police for your site is yourself and your fellow bloggers. Recruiting the community helps even more.

(Info from: Pro Blog Design)