How to track WordPress search keywords

If you are wondering why you should be aware of what your visitors are searching for on your website, you should know that knowing what traffic comes for will make you able to profit from those topics and increase benefits. For example, finding out what are the most popular topics for your readers can help when doing page interlinking, and also to check if some subject should be debated again because the original article had a lack of information.

One way of being informed with your readers’ searches is to use Google Analytics’ site search feature. Just log in into your account and check the Profile Settings page. There is the site searching feature that needs to be activated.


Among other options, you need to specify what are your website’s search pages; for example, if you are owning a wordpress powered blog, the search page is simply called „s”.


Once the Site Searching feature has been activated, it will take a few days for google analytics to display search queries on your profile. In order to see the results, go to Profile Settings -> Site Search -> Overview.

Knowing what your readers are looking for will allow you to better understand their needs and deliver content to fit their needs.