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February 2018 Comics w/ CodeinWP … #Developers #Cache #Bitcoin

Hey guys, how’s your day been so far? Cool? Not? In any case, let us entertain you a little bit. Today it’s time for yet another round of WordPress comics inspired by the (difficult) lives of WordPress developers, mixed in with some common and mundane everyday situations.

From making pizza, to supermarket queues, to simple telephone conversations with friends … oh yes, WordPress developers can find difficulties at every time of the day.

Cheers to our illustrator João Santos who helped us with this round of concepts and designs. Plus, some of the jokes also come from our creative and spontaneous colleagues, so cheers to them too. 🙂

If you want to see our previous roundups of WordPress comics, feel free to check the whole blog category here.

This is the February edition of WordPress comics with CodeinWP:

February 2018 WordPress Comics

The altruistic developer

Designer and Client

… If they didn’t take you for granted, they wouldn’t be your true friends.

The polite developer

dev politeness

… When you don’t find yourself compatible with everyday life.

It’s always the cache


… It’s nice to always have that one special something to blame when things go wrong.

The homeless of the future

need bitcoin

… You still using fiat currency, bro?!

The clairvoyant of developers


… Even when skill, Coke, Google, and Stack Overflow don’t work anymore, there’s still hope.

So that’s our February 2018 roundup of WordPress comics! If you liked it (which we hope you did), please share it on social media so that others can enjoy the jokes too. Moreover, each comic strip can be shared individually when you hover over the image.

By the way, if you relate to any of the stories illustrated above, don’t hesitate to tell us more in the comments section below. Also, if you have suggestions for other topics that we can approach in the next roundups, let us know, and we will take them into consideration.

With that said, have a fun week ahead! Cheers!

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