Beginner’s Guide to Blog Interviews – How to Conduct an Interview for Your Blog

Today we’re going to walk you through how to conduct an interview for your blog – from the moment you decide to interview someone, all the way to publishing and marketing your blog interviews. (more…)

Our Hopes and Fears for WordPress 4.8 (Roundup)

I should probably add a little context before we jump into this one and talk “our hopes and fears for WordPress 4.8.” This article is not exactly what it looks like.

Everything started back in December when I and the rest of the team traveled to Philadelphia to take part in 2016’s WordCamp US. Getting there was a big deal for us so we wanted to make the most out of the whole experience. One of the ideas was to meet some of the WordPress people who we only knew online, and do speed interviews with them. (more…)

David Braun Interview – CEO of TemplateMonster for 14 Years – “You’d Be Surprised How Deeply I Am Involved.”

If you are in the website development business, you’ve probably stumbled upon a site called Maybe the blue monster-head logo rings a bell? It might have crossed your mind that the site is pretty big, but just how big? Let’s find out! Here’s my interview with David Braun – the CEO – plus a lot of interesting facts from TemplateMonster’s journey so far. (more…)

WordPress Entrepreneurs: Should You Diversify Beyond WordPress?

2015 was a landmark year for WordPress. We saw massive acquisitions, regrettable spats and entertaining rants, incredibly exciting technical developments looming on the horizon, and much more besides.

In many ways, it felt like a year when WordPress finally started growing up. That’s a slightly odd thing to say about a platform that’s over a decade old and powering a quarter of the web, but there are still growing pains very much in evidence across the ecosystem.

In this article, we’ll cover one nagging question in particular: Is it time for WordPress entrepreneurs and developers to start looking at diversification or will that one big egg-filled basket be enough to get us all down the line? (more…)