Landing Page Basics You Should Know + a Twist to Get Even 1,000% More Opt-Ins

 This is a contribution by Devesh Sharma on landing page basics you should know. 
Inbound marketing is where it’s at. This means that your website, whether big or small, should concentrate on generating consumer interest in what you have to offer.

And trust me, this is no easy task because website visitors know this is your goal and want something in return for their email addresses, comments, likes and shares, and yes even their money. (more…)

VaultPress vs BlogVault vs BackupBuddy vs CodeGuard vs UpdraftPlus

“What do I need a backup for!? It’s not like anything bad is going to happen to my WordPress blog anyway!” … I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but there’s a whole plethora of bad things that can happen to a WordPress site. And if you’re not prepared – i.e. don’t have a backup – you’re in big trouble. (more…)

The Problem With “Get Pro” Plugin Notifications

 This is a contribution by Sufyan bin Uzayr. 
Quite possibly, the biggest and most obvious factor behind the popularity of WordPress is the fact that you can extend its features and functionality with the help of plugins and themes … all within minutes.

Need to add an eCommerce store to your website? Cool, have no fear! How about a job board or a help desk, right next to your WordPress site? A forum for your readers? Yes, all of that is possible! (more…)

Managed WordPress Hosting: The All-You-Need-to-Know Guide

Is the (managed) WordPress hosting industry coming to an end? I mean, is WordPress easy-to-grasp enough so that we no longer need any companies helping us out setting up our web servers, and then taking care of those servers on a regular basis?

Product Hunt Collections for WordPress – The Ultimate List

Here’s one for you: Where do you usually go if you want to discover some cool new WordPress-related tools?

Google works well, clearly. So does if you’re looking for plugins (not so much for themes though … try ThemeIsle for that … cough!). CodeCanyon has also proven to be quite a good place to go for premium plugins, especially if the feature you’re after is a bit more advanced and not covered in the realm of free plugins.

Last but not least, various list posts on your favorite WordPress blogs are a great source of inspiration too. I guess the number of times I got a good plugin or tool recommendation from a list article goes in the hundreds…

But there’s also a different way to discover cool WordPress-related tools. (more…)

Free Images for Blogs – How to Get Them & Use Them Effectively (Warning! Non-Obvious Advice, Data-Backed)

They say that blog posts with images get around 94 percent more views than those without them.[1]

Yeah, alright, but are those “just numbers”?

I mean, is there any particular reason why images work that well on WordPress blogs, or do we just like to look at them … with no further explanation needed?

More importantly, are all images created equal? Do you just need “an image” for your blog, no matter what’s in it? Or maybe the kind of image makes a difference? (more…)

11 Pages Your WordPress Site Needs That You’ve Never Thought Of

Okay, so you have your About page, your Blog listing page, your Contact page.

Done. Right?

Or … maybe you could take the game further and include some other pages that aren’t as obvious?

Let’s find out!

Here’s a quick list of 11 pages that your WordPress site might need that you’ve never thought of … probably. (more…)

OptinMonster vs LeadPages vs Sumo vs Thrive Leads

What’s the average optin rate you get on your WordPress site/blog? If you’re using only basic forms in the sidebar, it’s probably something in the 0.5% range (or less). Meaning, for every 200 visitors to your site, only *1* ends up subscribing to your email list. (more…)

[Case Study PART 2] From 0 to 4,000 … How We Grew Our Email List – Everything From Open Rates to CTRs

This is PART 2 of our email marketing case study. In PART 1, we discussed our general list building and email marketing strategy, our growth rate, the subscription forms we use, the tools we use to run those forms, what’s our email service provider and why, and how we go about convincing people to subscribe. Make sure to check it out prior to getting through this part.

Since we have already discussed everything related to email marketing that’s happening on the blog itself, today let’s focus on what’s going on inside the inboxes of our subscribers.

In other words, here’s everything about the emails we send, the results we get, the campaigns we run, etc. And most importantly, what works and what doesn’t. (more…) vs. – What’s the Difference?

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out there. And over the years, it has become *THE* solution for non-blog websites as well. The data doesn’t lie.

But there are two sides to “WordPress,” and they can be quite confusing for someone not familiar with the topic.


And there’s

And they are different… Fundamentally.


WordPress Stats: Your Ultimate List of WordPress Statistics (Data, Studies, Facts – Even the Little-Known)

Okay, so you’re writing a post/article or creating some other piece of content around WordPress, but you want for what you’re saying to pack a stronger punch … to resonate with the reader better. (more…)

PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments – Which Is Best for a WordPress Site

 This is a contribution by Shaun Quarton. 
These days, practically anyone can run an online business – all that you need, really, is a website.

And, with the rise of the user-friendly WordPress CMS and simple-but-powerful shopping cart functionality courtesy of WooCommerce, even non-technical individuals can put together an aesthetically pleasing, fully functional website. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, either – the WooCommerce and WordPress core are free to use, and there’s plenty of affordable hosting and domain providers out there. (more…)

[Case Study PART 1] From 0 to 4,000 … How We Grew Our Email List – Our Stats, Tools, Opt-in Forms

Living on this world for however many years, you must be familiar with this:


SiteGround vs Bluehost vs HostGator vs InMotion Hosting vs GoDaddy (for WordPress)

Today, we’re comparing 5 of the top shared hosting providers for WordPress:  SiteGround vs Bluehost vs HostGator vs InMotion Hosting vs GoDaddy . (more…)