Ideas and Inspiration

Looking for a good WordPress theme? Building a site and stuck on a blank canvas? Struggling to get started in general on whatever you’re working on? Help yourself to these pieces of inspiration. We talk #design, #business, #WordPress, #tools, and more. Get. Stuff. Done!

Load Old WordPress Posts on the Same Page with AJAX

Loading a new page to see content is annoying and time consuming, so why would you want to make visitors to your site load a new page to see old WordPress posts? With the following instructions, you can build a plugin that replaces the “Older Posts” link with a button on the bottom of the page that loads older WordPress posts on the same page.

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How to track WordPress search keywords

If you are wondering why you should be aware of what your visitors are searching for on your website, you should know that knowing what traffic comes for will make you able to profit from those topics and increase benefits. For example, finding out what are the most popular topics for your readers can help when doing page interlinking, and also to check if some

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