“I thought RSS was dead!” – you’re thinking.

Well, yes and no.

Yes – it’s no longer such a popular mechanism used by people to stay updated with their favorite sites … most of that went away with the demise of Google Reader.

And no – because it’s still an active technology, which means that we can use it for a lot of cool things happening behind the scenes on our WordPress sites.

So today, we’re looking into the 5 best RSS feed plugins for WordPress:

Best RSS feed WordPress plugins summary
* based on 9 reviews
FEEDZY RSS Feeds4.7 / 510,000+
RSSImport5 / 5 *10,000+
Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription4.8 / 510,000+
RSS Post Importer3.4 / 520,000+
WP RSS Aggregator4.4 / 530,000+


feedzy rss feeds

The elephant: it’s our plugin and we believe in it wholeheartedly, hence its position on this very list of the best RSS feed plugins for WordPress.

The nice thing about FEEDZY RSS Feeds is that it works through shortcodes, which means that you can add various RSS feeds wherever you wish, right through the WordPress editor screen.

After installing it, you don’t need to do anything but to go to the page or post where you want to add a certain feed, and then click the FEEDZY icon:

feedzy icon

Once you do that, a window pops up and presents you with all the available options. Just fill in the information, set the customizations and you’re almost done.

feedzy window

After clicking the “OK” button, the plugin takes your settings and puts them into a shortcode form:

feedzy shortcode

Basically, that shortcode is the one that adds the RSS feed to your page, so be careful to keep its original format. You can place it wherever you want … posts, pages, custom content types.

Let’s take a look at what the feed looks like on the front-end (by the way, I’m on the Twenty Fifteen theme):

feedzy demo

Things like article summaries, their length, article thumbnails, and so on, are all up to you. You can tweak their appearance however you like.

You can also post your RSS feeds as widgets – by going to Appearance / Widgets and dragging the “RSS” widget to any widget area.

Another nice thing about this RSS feed plugin for WordPress is that you can filter articles by keywords, so you can choose to display only the ones that meet your criteria exactly. Or you can even aggregate multiple feeds together.

Get this RSS feed plugin if you’re looking for an RSS importer that’s lightweight and easy to use. Something that doesn’t require more than a couple of steps, yet that’s highly customizable at the same time.

2. RSSImport

RSSImport is a lightweight and straightforward WordPress plugin. You just need to install it and use either a shortcode, a widget, or a PHP function to make it work. No extra clicks or hassle. This is an example of how to be simple and efficient at the same time.

To use it as a widget, go to Appearance / Widgets, drag and drop the RSSImport button to any widget area, and fill in the empty fields. Click “Save” and you’re good to go:

rssimport widget demo

To add a feed to a post or page, copy and paste the shortcode where you want it to be displayed. Shortcode example:

[RSSImport display="5" feedurl="http://www.codeinwp.com/blog/feed" use_simplepie="true"]

rssimport shortcode demo

Get this RSS feed plugin if you want to be able to import RSS feeds quickly and customize everything via shortcode editing on the fly, rather than through a GUI of some kind. The plugin uses a lot of parameters inside the shortcode structure, which makes it very flexible.

3. Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription

This plugin is completely different and unlike anything else here. Whereas the other ones are about importing stuff, this one is about giving your readers the option to subscribe to category-specific RSS feeds on your blog.

(Note. There’s a trick you can use to get this RSS WordPress plugin to display external feeds as well. More on that in a minute.)

Say that you publish a lot of different content, and your audience might not be interested in all of it. For example, you have a “food” category and a “travel” category. Well, with this plugin, you can let people subscribe to each of these categories separately.

After installing the plugin, go to the Settings section in the wp-admin and then to Category Specific RSS. You’ll see a list of the categories that you can create a feed for.

category categories

As you can see, I also used the section for custom categories and pointed them to external sources, which is the trick I mentioned above. That being said, those external RSS feeds aren’t getting imported or anything, they are just links pointing to another site.

Now, you have three options when it comes to displaying your custom feed links: widget, shortcode, or a line of PHP code:

category usage

I used the shortcode. Here’s what my listing of feeds looks like when put on a sample page:

category poage demo

Get this RSS feed plugin if you publish a lot of different types of content and want to give your audience the option to subscribe to just what’s of interest to them. Also useful for displaying links to external feeds alongside your own.

4. RSS Post Importer

So this WordPress plugin is a bit different. Where the other ones featured on this list tend to work via shortcodes, RSS Post Importer imports posts from RSS feeds straight to your standard collection of posts – in other words, imported RSS posts are kept alongside your own, hand-written posts.

Before importing articles, you can choose the way you want them to appear (their status): published, drafts, pending, private, trash, etc. A great feature, I’d say, because you can pick only a few articles to be displayed on your site, and not republish everything.

rss importer add new feed

Okay, let’s try it out. First, go the plugin’s settings page and fill in all the fields to set your preferences and add the feed you’d like to fetch. By clicking “Save and import,” the plugin imports all current articles from that specific feed URL. You can set it to import articles daily or even more often.

Once the plugin does its job, you can go to your posts and see everything there:

post importer post feed

From that point on, you can decide what to do with all those posts. You can publish them as is, adjust the content, add your commentary, or whatever else you see fit.

Get this WordPress RSS feed plugin if you want to import whole articles from external RSS feeds, straight into your post collection. Again, this plugin takes articles from other feeds and puts them alongside your normal posts.

5. WP RSS Aggregator

I have to give it to this RSS feed plugin … it’s quite friendly and intuitive. Install it, go to its section in the wp-admin, and it will guide you along through the settings.

To add a feed, just click on “Add New,” set your preferences, and publish it.

wp rss aggregator add new window

Okay, so I created a feed for our blog, CodeinWP to test things out. I’ve set it to remain active, so it can update automatically whenever there’s new content.

wp rss feed sources

After adding the RSS feed, you can click on “View Items” to see the articles currently in that feed.

WP RSS Aggregator also comes with a “Blacklist” section, so you can stop specific content from popping up. Plus, there are some great add-ons too (paid).

Okay, so the next step after creating an RSS feed is to add it to your posts or pages. You can go to the text editor of a specific post, and you’ll see an icon labeled “WPRSS Aggregator Shortcode” there. After clicking it, you can select a given feed and add it as a shortcode:

wp rss agg add shortcode

Here’s what it looks like once you save the page:

wp rss feed demo

Get this RSS feed plugin for WordPress if you’ll be working with multiple feeds at the same time. The plugin is intuitive, and it provides great management for each individual feed.

Are you using any of these RSS plugins for WordPress? Let us know if there’s anything we missed.

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  • Michael Smith

    I’m not sure I see the value of any of this. How is RSS “one of the most useful blog technologies”? I don’t think this post makes that case as sort of hinted at or promised in the email newsletter.

    • Karol K.

      You have every right to disagree here. That being said, if you want to import any external website content to your site, there’s hardly any better way to do it than via RSS. Hence it’s usefulness.

  • Mark Zahra

    Hey Adelina, thanks for including WP RSS Aggregator in the list. You forgot to mention our premium add-ons that add a LOT of functionality to the plugin, including the ability to import into any post type and to import full content 🙂 If you’d like to try them out just let us know!

    • Hi Mark! Thanks for the mention. We actually tried to focus more on each plugin’s free features, which were pretty awesome, by the way. 🙂

      • Mark Zahra

        Sorry I missed your reply Adelina!

        Fair enough, and thank you 🙂 If you’d like to do a follow up that includes the premium add-ons just let us know and we’ll provide a copy of the plugins to try out.

        • Hayden Brennan

          your plugin is hot, but the addons are too expensive!

          • Mark Zahra

            Hey Hayden, WP RSS Aggregator appreciates the compliment 😀

            Sorry you feel that way. Which add-ons were you looking at?

            We strongly believe in the value of our premium add-ons, which is why they’re priced the way they are. We also believe the prices are fair when you consider the level of functionality you’re getting with each one.

  • Thanks for sharing this RSS Feed Plugins. I was looking for these kind of RSS Plugins to write a dissertation which is based on WordPress Plugins list. Thanks for your help in dissertation writing.

  • I had a very poor experience with WP RSS Aggregator’s Feed To Post paid add-on. Bought it on a holiday sale but didn’t use it until a couple of months later, after the refund date had passed.

    The YouTube posting wasn’t working which is what I bought it for. They told me they weren’t planning on doing anything about it for a couple more weeks because they had other priorities.

    It was also creating additional pages of the posts for each source which they said wasn’t due to their plugin and they washed their hands of that. They also couldn’t understand why I didn’t want additional content pages.

    I had to go over support’s head to the business owner at one point to get a proper response.

    It was a big mess and I don’t trust these guys or their products. They wouldn’t give me a refund and wouldn’t extend my license till I went to the owner.

    To me if you don’t consider a key feature of a premium product to be something worth fixing immediately or are unable to because you’re understaffed or poorly managed then you’re not worth doing business with.

    • Hi Clyde! I’m really sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with the guys behind WP RSS Aggregator. It’s good you got the refund though.

      Thanks for sharing this!

      • Unfortunately I did not get the refund. I was outside the 30 days. It did teach me not to buy plugins on sale unless I’m going to go ahead and check out their functionality. But live and learn!

        • Oh, I thought they gave you the refund eventually.

          Yes, that’s right. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

    • Mark Zahra

      Hi Clyde, sorry to hear about this! I’m the Head of Support for WP RSS Aggregator.

      I have found your support ticket and can confirm that we had indeed extended your license key for the time it wasn’t working, and had also fixed the YouTube importing issue a few months back.

      If it took a bit long to get to a resolution, I apologise, but I assure you we always do our best to keep our customers happy, and above all, able to use the plugins themselves!

      I believe you’re still using our plugin today, correct? How’s it been going so far?

  • Hi! We actually took the best (and recently updated) 5 free plugins from WordPress.org, tested them, and since they worked okay, we featured them here.

    That was the entire process.

  • Tyrohn White

    Great articles for RSS feed plugins. If someone wants to dig more into coding adding graphics to feed and learning much more you can also explore blog of TemplateToaster. There is a lot to learn.

    • Thanks for sharing this info with us, Tyrohn. 🙂 It’s good to know.

      • peniel terefe

        Adelina Tuca i was trying to import jobs form other sites and i could not do it the sites i imoprt jobs are not supported by the plugin im using which is Wp aggregator it shows error message that says xml something is not in the site u provided

  • Mark Zahra

    Hey there, had you found the solution that meets your needs? WP RSS Aggregator would be a great choice 😉

  • Which one is providing full story and not headlines ?

  • Emily

    How do we choose the RSS that best fir for our website?

  • bbirajdar

    Is there any feed plugin which I link to Pages? or to the Menu items?

  • Sheila Carroll

    Am a bit of a newbie to RSS feed for my site. I want a plugin that will be useful for sending my blog posts to those who request it. These plugins refer to getting articles/posts sent to the user. I want the best and easiest way for my customers to receive from me. Ideas? Suggestions?

  • Great advice! We used this article when we were evaluating plugins to integrate with our platform.

  • J. William Sandoval

    RSS aggregator is great but does not pass accessibility test. Also It does not play well with visual composer.

  • hey i wont to to limit characters to show at Feeds, how can i do that, any plugin or code please.

  • Mark Zahra

    Hey Job, have you thought about switching to WP RSS Aggregator since then?

  • Conceal Carry

    I believe I would like to install WP RSS Aggregator on the blog that I’ve been building… but i get a warning that this plugin has not been tested on the current theme… which is Twenty Sixteen
    FEEDZY, also, has not been tested on my theme.

    I am looking to bring news articles into my site… to help give my readers added news – besides our personal articles that will be written in-house…

    Is it going to take two months to get a reply here? I see just below me that it took that long.

    • Mark Zahra

      Hey Grrrrrr, where are those warnings being shown? We’ve used our plugin and all its add-ons on the default themes without issue.

      As you can imagine, we cannot monitor all posts that mention our plugin, but that is why our pre-sales support is available on our website, both via live chat and via our ticket system. Feel free to reach out there, we’ll be happy to help.

  • wale

    if you have money to waste, go for WP RSS Aggregator. They’re scammers. they will make you pay $80 for Feed to post add on first, then after that you will have no choice but to pay additional $80 for another add on called Full text RSS add on. In other for you to get the full content, cos the first one(FEED TO POST) you paid for will only bring in excerpts of the content not full text.

    • Mark Zahra

      Hey wale, Feed to Post can bring in what is in the RSS feed. Many sources provide the full content themselves, while others limit it to just an excerpt. That’s where the full text service comes in. We provide a fully fledged demo site for exactly this reason – so you can test out your own feeds to see what you’d need. You may also look at the RSS feeds themselves to see what content they provide.

      Also, if you’d like, you can purchase the Advanced Feeds Bundle at a cheaper price than the two add-ons separately, and it also includes our Keyword Filtering add-on.

  • Andrey

    Hey, thanks for the article!
    I’m wondering how to make Load more RSS feeds by means of AJAX request in the RSS Aggregator without page reloading? I’m just loading title of the feed and its source name on the homepage.

    • Mark Zahra

      Hi Andrey, that’s not possible at the moment but we’re considering it for the future.

  • jubin thomas

    use WP Custom Post RSS Feed , flush your permalink after select feed category , check the url http://your-site-url/media-rss/ for custom feed ,

  • Stiven Doncel


    I’m looking for a RSS plugin that allows me some explicit works. One of them is, I need to get feeds from 8-10 diferent pages, and I want to show them in Most Popular (By views) order, from 30 days ago.

    So, there’s 2 options I’m looking for in the plugin. 1. Most Popular order from multiple sources. 2. Filter by X days ago.

    Any of these plugins can help me with this work?

  • Илья Анисимов

    hi, nice articles

  • Erik Visser

    Hi, I am looking for an RSS plugin that is able to login to a secure site (username and password).

  • Awesome RSS feed plugins list! Thanks for sharing with us. It is very helpful for my EmploymentNotice blog and also for all especially who are in search of best RSS feed plugins for WP blog.