5 of the Best WordPress Review Plugins … Reviewed

Review websites (running on review plugins) have become a very important element in today’s e-commerce space. In one of their studies, MarketingLand reports that out of 1,046 survey participants, 90 percent admit that their buying decisions are in fact influences by online reviews.[1]

Furthermore, according to another survey, 79 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.[2]

Those are just two of the reasons why launching a review site could be an interesting project for you to undertake. The stats don’t lie. So, just to make this a bit easier …

here are 5 of the best WordPress review plugins … reviewed:

1. WP Product Review Lite

This first WordPress review plugin offers a lot of great features for a free tool. You can review individual products and grade different details about them. Each product has a list of pros and cons, plus a general description box. There is also an option to enable user reviews and then decide if they should be taken into account when displaying the final rating of the product.
First, let’s take a look at the General Settings panel of this WordPress review plugin:
wp prod rev 3
These are the main settings that you can go through first, before writing any reviews. As you can see, it’s up to you to decide whether your product review is going to appear before or after the main content of the post it’s in. Also, you get to choose if your users can get involved in voting, and if so, how much will their ratings matter. You can set how many pros and cons you want to show, and you can also change the colors, the typography, and the parameters of the buy button.

Then, all you have to do is add a new post as you normally would. Below the post, you can adjust the details of the review through a basic options box. This WordPress review plugin will guide you through all the fields.

This is what your product is going to look on the front-end after you’ve made all the changes.

wp prod review
These are the author’s ratings. But this WordPress review plugin also offers your visitors the ability to submit their own. So, before the comment box, every user will have the option to rate every feature the author has set beforehand.

Looks like this, for example:

wp prod rev 2
The thing with WP Product Review is that it’s very user-friendly and gives both the author and the visitor a chance to speak their mind about any product.

2. WP Review

Another similar WordPress review plugin that will help you build your site very quickly. This one offers total freedom to the visitor. Everyone can come to the site and leave a vote. Also, WP Review calculates the average vote based on the ratings.
This review plugin is very easy to use. After the installation, go to Settings in your WordPress dashboard and then click on WP Review. Here, you can set your default options. You should do so only if you’re going to use the same details for all products. So if you think most of your products will have common features, you can set them there. This way, it won’t be necessary to repeat the process for every product you list.
wp review
After you set the default options, what comes next is even easier. Go to the post where you want to add your review, and exactly the same as with the previous WordPress review plugin, you’ll find specific options on the post editing screen. If your default options are not enough for the post, you can add more things in there. Also, you have the choice between three types of ratings: stars, points, and percentages.
wp review 2
I did a quick test with points, and I used black and white as my main colors for the post. Here is what it looks like:
wp review 1
As you can see, the summary (you can name it the way you like) shows the average rating and a description if you want to say something more about the product. The user ratings are not there by default (they can be enabled).

3. Rich Reviews

This review plugin’s main feature is provided through shortcodes. After you go through the default settings, all you have to do is copy the provided shortcode into your post or page.
So, having the plugin installed, go to Rich Reviews options and complete the settings.
rich reviews 1
The next step is to go to the Instructions and read the detailed descriptions of how each of the shortcodes works. In fact, you have three types of shortcodes:

  • “show” – will show specific user’s reviews,
  • “form” – will add the form through which your users can leave comments and rate your products,
  • and “snippet” – will show the overall rating and how many users voted.

Go to the post you want to add the reviews to and just copy and paste the shortcode you need or even all of them. You’ll notice that every shortcode has some expanded versions. They are there in case you want to add a specific number of reviews to the product, for example.

By default, this WordPress review plugin only shows the first three reviews that have been approved. In the options menu, you can choose in which order you want them to appear.

So, take a look at the way your post will look like if you use the three main shortcodes. Notice that I only submitted one single review, that’s why it’s going to show only one. I also submitted a few other comments and ratings, to force the plugin to calculate the average score.

rich reviews 2
Of course, you can switch the order of the form by switching the shortcodes position in the post.

Another interesting thing about Rich Reviews is that you, as the author, can create your own review and add it to the site too, among all the user reviews. You can do this by clicking on Add New Review from the plugin’s menu.

4. Author hReview

This WordPress review plugin is a tool only for site owners (and not their visitors). And it offers only one simple way of rating products – stars.
Here’s the main settings page:
author hreview 1
There’s just a handful of options there. After you’re done adjusting those, you can go to the individual post, where you want the ratings box to show up. There are some additional options, which provide more details that your visitors might want to see in a review.
author hreview 3
This is what the final rating box looks like:
author hreview 2
Author hReview is perhaps your solution among the available review plugins for WordPress if you only need a simple tool that would provide you with just the basic ability to showcase product ratings.

5. Comment Rating Field Plugin

Unlike Author hReview, this plugin is meant entirely for the visitors. They can leave their ratings through comments. Using this plugin is a piece of cake.
Here’s the settings page, for example:
comment rating 1
And that would be all. You just decide where you want to enable user comments. Also, a nice thing this plugin offers is the average rating for all the ratings submitted under individual posts or pages.

Let’s see what it looks like in action:

comment rating 2
And here’s what the average rating score looks like:
comment rating 3
In the end, if you need a nice and small plugin which allows your visitors to vote via comments, this one is very effective.

What do you think about these WordPress review plugins? Did you try any of them? Feel free to let us know if there’s any other plugin that should make its appearance on this list.

-References: 1, 2.

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    “WP Product Review Lite” – This one is really great.

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    I had a site with and had reviews with yotpo, then changed to another review… I could see in analytics what traffic was generated by yotpo reviews…are certain review plugins more favorable for seo or is it only about practicality? Thanks

    • Hi! I think you can email the people behind the WordPress plugin you’re using now and ask for a tracking key to use in Analytics. Or if the plugin can be somehow tracked. They don’t automatically integrate with Analytics.

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    Very useful WordPress plugins and very nicely explain. Thanks for sharing


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    • Hi! You can try them all and see which one you fall in love with. They are all free, so you can test them. 🙂

      • Yah. I will definitely do that. Maybe next week.

  • Hi! I’m replying only now because there’s a new add-on for WP Product Review: https://themeisle.com/plugins/wp-product-review-pro-add-on/

    It offers Amazon integration: price, name, image, and affiliate link. It doesn’t transfer the reviews too, but it might be helpful.

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    • Barni Livingston

      hey Art – this is basically exactly what i need – what did you use in the end and have you been satisfied with your choice ?


      • Shelly Caldwell

        Me too! What did you end up using?

        • Barni Livingston

          hi shelly – sorry i didnt see your answer earlier – i ended up using Rich Reviews – how about you ?

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    Security/spam is a big issue. I would like to see a list of plugins that have some kind of user authentication/validation. And unfortunately, you do not provide any detailed information on the popularity of the plugins.

  • Marcel Jong

    We have tested “WP Review” and this plugin is quite a huge disappointment. It is not really a review plugin as only the webmaster can add a ‘review’. Users are not able to leave reviews. I would skip this plugin completely as it is not a review plugin as meant to be.

    • Barni Livingston

      euh, actualyl it seems to have that option even in free version, so not sure what you saw, maybe they added it recently –

    • Yup, the user ratings are available, you should check again. It works for me.

    • Alex Butt

      The user rating option is crap and a huge disappointment. Users cannot rate on different fields unlike the webmaster and only have one option.

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    WP Review – the perfect plugin for my review-based site! Thanks!

  • At the second plugin when you say “The user ratings are not there by default (they can be enabled).” it would have been more friendly to say it was on the pro version.

    • Hi! Actually, they’re available in the free version too. You should check again. 🙂 After you enable them, log out so you can be able to rate the product as a user.

      • Alex Butt

        Unfortunately it is not that great. A normal user can only rate on 1 5 star rating and thats it. I want them to be able to rate on additional fields i add.

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  • Nick Tomaso

    Why is it worth a try, other than your getting an affiliate payment?

    • asingh01

      Hey Nick,
      Its not about affiliate payment. You can remove the affiliate parameter add your own and buy 🙂
      The reason I shared is the demo and features look great. The readymade demo layout seems to be able to fit in any type of websites. Thank you for replying.

      • Nick Tomaso

        What annoys me is if one is going to put in an affiliate code, at least share enough that provides some justification like providing value. If even after all that prompting you still get some generic return like what I am hearing, then I’d have to be skeptical about why you’re posting and your connection to the product. It’s that simple.

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