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15+ Free and Premium VueJS Admin Templates Built With Bootstrap

If you’re in need of some VueJS admin templates (built with Bootstrap) then have we got something for you! But before we get to the good stuff, have you had the chance to check out our previous roundup of the best Bootstrap templates for ReactJS? Highly recommended!

Anyway, VueJS has been getting more and more popular among web developers building optimized interfaces, focused on good UX. The great thing about VueJS admin templates is that you can take advantage of them pretty easily, without having to build the individual elements by hand. You can also check these top Vue UI component libraries to ensure the success of your next project.

Therefore, what follows is a list of modern VueJS admin templates built with Bootstrap for your website’s back-end. Coming in both free and premium flavors, the templates provide a variety of elements meant to enhance your admin interface. Each component works independently, so if you download or purchase any of the templates, you don’t need to use the whole pack at once.

What do I mean by “elements”? Well, more or less everything you can find in an admin dashboard: charts, tables, user profiles, buttons, fonts, forms, calendars, notifications, and a lot lot more.

You can also check the best React UI frameworks for your next projects.

Best free and premium VueJS admin templates built with Bootstrap

1. Vue Paper Dashboard

Vue Paper Dashboard view Vue Paper Dashboard on mobile
  • Spacious cards and graphics.
  • Light and easy to use.
  • Uses Paper Kit design language.
  • 160 handcrafted components.
  • Fully responsive.
  • 15 customized plugins.
  • 25 example pages.
VueJS Laravel view VueJS Laravel on mobile
  • Eight layouts.
  • Bootstrap-Vue components used.
  • Multiple color schemes and skins.
  • Entirely modular.
  • Easy to customize with provided SASS variables.
  • Fixed menu and header.
  • Multiple widgets.
CoPilot view CoPilot on mobile
  • Built with Bootstrap 3.
  • Responsive elements.
  • Highly customizable and easy to use.
  • Forked from AdminLTE.
  • Provides charts, graphics, and stats widgets.
  • Simple tables included.
  • Tasks lists included.
Vue Argon Dashboard view Vue Argon Dashboard on mobile
  • 100 handcrafted elements.
  • Three customized plugins.
  • Seven example pages.
  • Color, style, focus, and hover variations.
  • Comprehensive documentation.
  • Seamless development process.
  • Built with Bootstrap 4.
Laraspace view Laraspace on mobile
  • Six unique themes.
  • Three layouts and 50+ pages.
  • 25+ components.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Six icon packs.
  • Form plugins and widgets.
  • Built with Bootstrap 4.
Adminify view Adminify on mobile
  • Lots of pre-made widgets.
  • 500+ UI elements.
  • Sidebar color variations.
  • Three font icon libraries.
  • Quill and WYSIWYG editors.
  • Drag and drop.
  • Data tables and maps.
ChuckCSS & VueJS Admin view ChuckCSS & VueJS Admin on mobile
  • Various widgets for statistics.
  • Graphs and charts.
  • Timeline block.
  • User profile pages and user roles.
  • CMS-like pages.
  • Data tables for posts.
  • Built with ChuckCSS Framework.
Clear view Clear on mobile
  • Four icon packs.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Five layouts.
  • 130+ pages.
  • Two themes.
  • Light and dark color schemes.
  • Multiple custom pages.
Vue Element Admin view Vue Element Admin on mobile
  • Multiple dynamic themes.
  • Rich Text, Markdown, and JSON editor.
  • Various types of tables and charts.
  • Error pages included.
  • Uses UI Toolkit elements.
  • Multiple icons.
  • Highly customizable elements.
Dondoca view Dondoca on mobile
  • Fully responsive.
  • 40+ pages.
  • Built with Bootstrap 4.
  • Provides charts, forms, icons, tables, maps, etc.
  • Extra pages: parallax, gallery, countdown, calendar, timeline.
  • Analytics and e-commerce elements.
  • Flexible and easy to customize.
Vue Admin
Temporarily unavailable
Vue Admin view Vue Admin on mobile
  • Responsive and flexible box layout.
  • Variety of charts.
  • UI features: typography, icons, forms, buttons.
  • 17 multipurpose components.
  • Basic tables.
  • Animated elements.
  • Clean and minimalist interface.
Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard view Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard on mobile
  • 16 components.
  • Two customized plugins.
  • Four example pages.
  • Built with Bootstrap 4.
  • Six filter color for the sidebar.
  • Background image option.
  • User profile, list table, icons, fonts, maps, and notifications.
Atkins view Atkins on mobile
  • Fully editable and customizable.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Multipurpose UI elements.
  • Includes tables, icons, mail box, charts, maps, forms.
  • Six default pages.
  • Two extra pages: Gallery and Social.
  • Built with Bootstrap 4.
Quasar Admin view Quasar Admin on mobile
  • Generic to-do lists.
  • Built with Quasar Framework.
  • Four pages.
  • 55+ components.
  • Three forms included.
  • Widgets for stats.
  • Minimalist graphs and manual progress bars.
Devinvue view Devinvue on mobile
  • Responsive design.
  • Dark, gradient, and light sidebar.
  • Unlimited colors.
  • Chat, To-do, and Calendar apps.
  • E-commerce features.
  • Built with Vue 2 and Element.
  • Blog masonry, mail, timeline, expandable table, user profile, 404 error page.
Vue Material view Vue Material on mobile
  • Built with Google Material Design.
  • Easy to use API.
  • Light and dark skins.
  • Components and UI elements.
  • Support for all the modern web browsers.
  • Responsive.
  • Dynamic themes.
Basix Admin view Basix Admin on mobile
  • 700+ UI elements.
  • FontAwesome icons.
  • Flat design.
  • Light and dark dashboard skins.
  • Provides tables, forms, icons, charts, widgets, and maps.
  • Four pages included.
  • 10 components: buttons, badges, alerts, cards, bars, etc.
CoreUI view CoreUI on mobile
  • Provides charts and graphs for traffic, sales, stats, social media, user activity.
  • 50+ UI components.
  • Light and dark layouts.
  • Six extra pages.
  • Sales and data-friendly elements.
  • Markdown editor.
  • Four UI kits: invoice and email elements.
Vuestic Admin view Vuestic Admin on mobile
  • 36 elements.
  • 18 pages.
  • 18 custom font icons.
  • Responsive design.
  • Medium editor.
  • Material forms with validation.
  • Includes charts, bars, tables, pop-ups, maps, login templates, etc.

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