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10 Best Gutenberg Block Plugins to Check Out This Year

best Gutenberg block plugins

The Gutenberg editor, introduced in WordPress 5.0, offers a library of pre-built elements or ‘blocks’ that help you create websites in a more visual way. WordPress 6.0 adds a new set of blocks and design enhancements to specific blocks. And now, you have the best Gutenberg block plugins to add various items to the Block editor. All this gives you more control over website-building, allowing you to launch any type of website at the drop of a hat.

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50 of the Best Topics for Bloggers You Can Write About This Year

topics for bloggers

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, you’re probably wondering which are the best topics for bloggers. Before you take the first steps, you should know that there are already 600 million+ blogs on the internet [1]. To stand out in this crowd, it’s necessary to pick a topic that’s unique, targets a niche audience and is in line with current trends.

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20+ Best Remote Job Boards to Find Genuine Employment Online

Best Remote Job Boards

Commuting to work daily may soon become a thing of the past, thanks to a number of quality remote job boards. Seriously, remote working comes with solid advantages both for employers and employees. Employees get to enjoy an arguably better work-life balance, flexible schedules, minimal commuting, and more personal time and freedom to work from anywhere.

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16 Best Simple WordPress Themes: Both Free and Paid

Best Simple WordPress Themes

Below is a list of what we believe to be the best simple WordPress themes that you can get. These themes will let you set up your site in a couple of clicks, import demo content, and then pick which features you need by toggling them on/off. You can also select colors, fonts, and layouts from a friendly options panel.

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10 Best MSP Software Compared (Managed Service Providers)

Best MSP Software

When it comes to client management, MSP software is no longer a nice-to-have element for IT service providers. With so much to manage and keep track of, there’s always a good chance that some critical task may be overlooked. That’s where the best MSP software steps in – to streamline and automate workflows so that disruptions are detected and prevented even before they happen.

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15 Best Admin Dashboard Templates (Free Download Available)

Best Admin Dashboard Templates

Today, let’s put the spotlight on the best admin dashboard templates (free download). The admin space of a website or web tool often doesn’t get as much attention as what’s on the front-end of the operation. This is perfectly understandable. After all, you want your visitors to be impressed with your creation most of all. That said, the admin space should also get a bit of love, and this is where some of the best admin dashboard templates come into play.

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Best Free Billing Software: 10 Tools to Send Invoices for $0 in 2022

Best Free Billing Software

It would be ideal to get some reliable and, most importantly, free billing software that would be capable of taking care of all your invoicing needs, right? Well, the good news is that there are solutions like that out there. The best free billing software on the market helps you with tracking your product and service sales, the fees/rates to be charged, as well as payments received or outstanding.

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8 Best Domain Appraisal Services: How Much Is My Domain Worth?

Domain Appraisal Services

Looking to sell or buy a domain name? It’s crucial that you have the proper information and a carefully considered valuation before starting any negotiations. A ballpark figure in mind can ensure that you don’t leave money on the table. It also prevents you from driving potential customers away by quoting too high. Luckily, there are a few domain appraisal services that can help you arrive at a rough estimate.

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Best Time and Attendance Software: 10 Time Clock Tools for Effective HR Management

Best Time and Attendance Software

Keeping track of employee’s working hours, overtime, breaks, paid time off, and late-coming doesn’t have to be a difficult task any longer. The best time and attendance software can easily take care of these HR challenges – even during the times of “WFH” and Zoom. From time tracking to employee scheduling, paid time off to overtime, these systems have you covered in all areas! In a jiffy, you’ll be able to tell who came in late for work, who left the work place early or who took a bit too long time over coffee.

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Best POS System: 10 “Point of Sale” Tools to Look Into in 2021

Best POS System

Any successful store requires a solid Point of Sales (POS) system to receive payments from walk-in customers as well as online sales. A POS system is usually an additional tool/software built over eCommerce stores or payment processing tools. While they may have started off as mere cash registers, they have come to pack a lot more punch nowadays. The best POS system solutions record sales data, manage inventory, generate reports, store customer contact data and more.

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Best Performance Appraisal Software: 10 Tools to Look Into in 2021

Best Performance Appraisal Software

Any organization – big or small – can benefit from performance appraisal software. Usually, this type of software comes as a module in a bigger, more comprehensive HR software suite. Performance appraisal software helps to gather continuous feedback through the year from all stakeholders. It then converts this feedback to a suitable year-end appraisal. This appraisal further helps to monitor employee progress and aid in career planning. But there’s more:

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Best Project Management Software: 20 Tools to Make Your Business More Efficient

Best Project Management Software

Project management software can be a valuable tool that you can use to create, plan and manage all your projects from start to finish. It can replace all your post-it notes, reminders, notes-to-self, to-do lists and scribbling pads you’ve been using up until now. Quality project management software can help you stay up to date with what’s going on in your organization, what your team is working on and how to best progress to complete your projects.

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