Author: Karol K

How to Monetize a Blog – Advice From a Blog That Actually Makes Money

The question of how to monetize a blog is often the very first thing that new bloggers ask. In this guide, we have five methods for you – all of them battle-tested ways to monetize a blog. We go through them one by one and explain how to implement them for maximum impact.

Here’s How to Be the Worst WordPress Designer on the Planet (In 8 Steps or Less)

If you want to be the worst WordPress designer on the planet, search no more! This is the only guide you’ll ever need! Here’s how to achieve your majestic goal in eight steps or less! If you’re an aspiring WordPress designer, you should read this. It’ll protect you from some of the common mistakes.

How to Promote Your Blog: Learn What Successful Blogs ACTUALLY Do to Get Blog Traffic

Let’s be up-front about one thing when it comes to learning how to promote your blog… You need either time or money to hope for any kind of worthwhile results. Today, we explain what that means and show you how to promote your blog in a way that’s ACTUALLY effective = get blog traffic.

How to Write a Good Blog Post: Step by Step, All the Way From Research to Writing, Editing, and Publication

In this guide, we go through the whole process of how to write a good blog post – a post that actually gets results and is exactly what your audience needs. Step by step instructions, all the way from research to writing, editing, and publication.

Trying to Figure Out What to Blog About? Here’s How to Pick the Perfect Topic for Your New Blog

Figuring out what to blog about / picking a good topic for your blog can be challenging.

Most people find it difficult. (more…)

10 Totally Legitimate Reasons Why You Should Never Use WordPress

We love WordPress. It’s cool enough!

But it’s also not for everybody…

At least it’s not for the kind of people who might be susceptible to WordPress’ *charm* in certain areas.

Announcing the 2018 WordPress Hosting Survey – Aka “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of WordPress Hosting”

WordPress hosting – collectively the favorite topic to talk about when you meet some fellow WordPress people at a conference. Or is it just me?

WordPress Deals for Black Friday 2017 (and Cyber Monday)

The international day of discounts is (nearly) upon us! Of course, this is about Black Friday! It just so happens that Black Friday is just as popular in the WordPress, web dev and design communities as it is everywhere else. (more…)

The Evolution of WordPress UI (2003 to 2018)

It’s difficult not to be amazed at how significantly WordPress has evolved since its humble beginnings in 2003. What once started as a simple blogging platform is now the most popular website management system of them all, running nearly 30% of the entire web. (more…)

INFOGRAPHIC: WooCommerce vs Magento vs Shopify

WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify are three of the most popular e-commerce solutions in the market. When put together, they collectively run more than 2.5M online stores! (more…)

4 New Creative Use Cases on How to Automate Your Social Media Presence via WordPress (Never Before Published)

Let’s start with something fairly obvious – sharing your content on social media is important, of course. However, who actually has the time to really make it a truly deliberate and thought through practice?

Basically, even though we know it to be something very valuable in the long term, we find it hard to devote our time and attention to it on a daily basis. (more…)

Best SMTP Providers Compared – Amazon SES vs SendinBlue vs SendGrid vs Mandrill

Do you use email as one of the puzzle pieces in your overall online business strategy? If the answer is yes, and it probably indeed is yes, then you should look into what some of the best SMTP providers can do for you – and that’s both in terms of giving you new tools to make your existing tasks easier, as well as revealing totally new possibilities. (more…)

3 Absolute Best RSS to Post WordPress Plugins and What You Can Do With Each

RSS is dead, long live RSS!

Granted, people haven’t been excited about RSS for a long time. The technology is surely past its prime in the eyes of the public, but it’s still very much in use behind the curtains. What’s more, you can still achieve pretty great things with it for your WordPress site. (more…)

What’s Coming in WordPress 4.8 – See New Features in Action

Excited for the first major WordPress release of the year – WordPress 4.8? The launch is set to happen on June 8-9, which is basically just around the corner (and just before WCEU). No wonder there’s a lot of talk going on in the community already as to what sort of improvements that new version is set to deliver. (more…)