8 Most Common Mistakes for WordPress Users

Face it – we are people, and people make mistakes. WordPress users are not different; we make mistakes too. If we cannot prevent them, we’d better learn from our mistakes; however, there is always a better solution: To learn from other people’s mistakes would be the perfect scenario. Here we list 8 of the most common mistakes a WordPress user will make.

Learn how to prevent them.

  • Missing the Best WordPress Plugins – It takes a lot of time for you and WP to get to know each other, so knowing the best plugins can take some time too. Using the best plugins can make your project development process lot easier. Here are the plugins that cannot be omitted from a WordPress blog: All in One SEO Pack, Akismet, Google XML Sitemaps, and Contact Form 7.


  • Never forget to back up your website – With the constant evolution of technology, you can never be sure that everything will work perfectly. Unpleasant situations have to be prevented because you are not allowed to lose data. You can create a backup manually or by using the WP-DB Backup plugin.


  • Use a friendly structure for permalinks – Default settings for permalinks included in WordPress installation are not friendly at all. If you want to get the best from SEO, use keywords in the permalink structure. In order to do this, go to Options – Permalinks in your administration panel and choose the postname option for your permalinks.


  • Integrate Analytics and Webmaster Tools – Missing these features is like driving your car without lights during the night. The Google Analytics program will monitor your blog traffic and will inform you about the most efficient keywords to drive traffic to your site. You have to help search engines in order for them to crawl your website deeply. All your pages can be indexed properly if you use Webmaster Tools from Google, submitting a sitemap and analyzing all the statistics provided.


  • Don’t be faceless – Use Gravatar, which displays images next to a blog comment. This image can represent you across the internet and will lend credibility and attract attention. Get one as soon as possible: Registration is free!


  • Have a mobile version too – Do not make life difficult for your mobile visitors. If you know that there are chances that your site will receive visits from mobile devices, make sure your site also runs a mobile-user-friendly version. First, you can use a plugin such as WPtouch to customize your site for mobile, or you can use a theme responsive to smartphones.


  • Do not ignore WordPress updates – You may not be aware of them, but WordPress constantly releases new updates, and it’s best not to ignore them. Doing that will expose you to major security issues for which there is a simple fix: Update your WordPress version. Updates are not created without important reasons.


  • Do not use a defective template – When you choose a theme for your site, you need to focus on two things: the reputation of the provider and the ease of use for a beginning user. After you get a theme for a big company and make it easy to navigate, you may go online.

What do you think about these 8 common mistakes of WordPress users? Which one(s) of them have you made often? Are there some mistakes you’ve made that we didn’t list here?