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Best Tech Comics of 2019 (So Far) w/ CodeinWP … #Developers #Gutenberg #Conversions


Long time no see. The last time we met to look at some cool comics was back in February. But this doesn’t mean we stopped working on comics altogether, far from it! In fact, we’ve been working harder than ever to ensure we can bring you the very best of the best every six months (or so). And, finally, we can officially welcome you to the first of our new best-of articles sharing our tech and WordPress comics.

In this batch, we will peer deeply into the webyss with our unique take on freelancing, exposure, and new currencies for creatives. Also, if you’re a fan of unethical life pro tips, then we have a brilliant method for using social proof to increase your conversions. All that and more to come in this roundup.

As usual, we have the brilliant João Santos to thank for these delightful panels. If you’d like to see more then the full comic archive is right here for your viewing pleasure!

Let’s get this edition going. Here are the top tech comics of 2019…so far:

Best tech comics of 2019 (so far) with CodeinWP: on exposure, Gutenberg, and conversion traps

The new currency

It is possible to overestimate the value of a wad of ‘likes’ when negotiating your contracts.

How to win friends and increase conversions

You catch more flies with outright lies and cheating.

Suffering from innovation pressure

Sometimes jumping off a bridge with all of your friends makes a lot of sense.

Spoiler alert: you’re ruining everything

That moment when you see your entire relationship flash before your eyes.

Lorem ipsum, do you speak it?

You’ll notice I didn’t use the full quote, as much as I wanted to.

You can tell a lot about a person from their reaction to “PowerPoint logo”

For every logo a client brings, a designer dies a little inside.

When conversion is in reverse

Success with numbers is easy if you ignore context.

Perception, Perception, Perception

You’re doing it wrong!

Hacking logic

An apple a day is the hacker’s best payday.

Bonus: Tarot of the internet

Sometimes, people won’t appreciate your new feature until you deprecate it.

One day the world will be nothing more than automated messages and errors.

And that’s the end of this roundup of comics. It’s always fun to share these with you. The good news is that we never let our artist sleep, so you can always find more comics on Instagram. We continue to create comics every month, so if you have ideas, you can drop us a comment in the section below.

In the meantime, we will continue to develop more ideas with a view to publishing our best of 2019 article at the end of the year. We hope you enjoy either the last days of summer, or the arrival of summer (depending on your location). We’ll see you soon!

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