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Top 50+ Blogs About WordPress and Their Best Posts

Thinking of starting a blog and want to expand your knowledge? This collection of the top blogs about WordPress and their best posts will help you discover the most valuable resources in the WordPress community.

Here’s who’s who in the WordPress space (in no particular order):

Smashing Magazine

If you want to explore the technical side of WordPress and customize it further on via code or advanced tools, you will find the Smashing Magazine blog useful for this purpose – and the WordPress section especially.

WooCommerce Blog

Ecommerce professionals and online store owners, this is your first go-to resource to learn about customizing your websites. From this blog, you will get all the secrets and insights about selling online.

Kinsta Blog

If you’re interested in reading about website performance, hosting, and other technical aspects of WordPress, on this blog you will find a lot of tutorials and resources to improve the way your site works.


Wordfence is about all things security. If you follow this blog, you will receive security-related news or alerts, research about what makes WordPress vulnerable, and guides on how to fix various issues.

Matt Mullenweg

This is the blog of the WordPress’ founding developer. Here, Mullenweg writes about innovation, web curiosities, personal experiences, WordPress news, conferences, and all things tech.


WPShout is a blog dedicated to web developers, which covers mostly tutorials about WordPress development and other technical topics.

Blogging Wizard

Blogging Wizard is the resource that gives you advice about all things blogs – from starting one to creating content, doing marketing, and making money with your site.

Chris Lema

On this blog, Chris Lema shares professional tips that teach you how to use WordPress to grow your business, plus more on other related matters.


Colorlib is a website that focuses on WordPress themes and templates, so this is what you’ll see tackled on their blog for the most part – template collections and theme lists for any niche you can think of, plus other various roundups of tools.


As you can figure out from the name, this blog provides a huge number of tutorials, guides, and resources for all the novices that are just starting out with WordPress. Any struggle you might have with your WordPress site, expect to find it explained here.

Astra Blog

On this blog, expect news about the popular Astra theme, website setup tutorials, roundups, and miscellaneous from the WordPress space.


WPChestnuts is a blog where beginners and professionals alike can find information about WordPress. On this blog, you will see comparisons, tutorials, reviews, list posts, and more.


TemplateMonster is a website that features WordPress templates, plugins, and graphics. On the blog, expect more of the same, together with WordPress tutorials and various topics involving other website builders.


This is your go-to blog if you want to build your first WordPress site. It’s a blog dedicated to beginners who need tutorials and guides about creating fully functional websites that get traffic. News

This is the official WordPress community blog, where you will read all the news regarding WordPress – from releases to announcements, roadmaps, volunteer teams, roundups, and podcasts with useful advice.

WPEverest Blog

WPEverest is an online shop that sells WordPress plugins. On their blog, they share tutorials and resources for WordPress beginners, along with collections of cool plugins and tools.


WinningWP compiles lists of the best WordPress sites and tools in various niches. They also publish detailed guides on various aspects of running a WordPress site.


WPLeaders publishes a variety of WordPress guides with a focus on Best Of lists.

Latest posts:

    Feed has no items.

WP Crafter

WP Crafter publishes detailed guides to all kinds of WordPress topics, along with the occasional product review or Best Of roundup. It’s also home to the popular YouTube channel.


A very strong site with lots of great resources. Apart from their flagship content, you will also find various tutorials about themes, plugins, and other ways of modifying your WordPress site.


A WordPress blog full of tutorials and tips, many of them addressed to beginners. They teach how to make your mark on the WordPress business space, as well as offer very detailed guides on the technical aspects of WordPress.

Elegant Themes Blog

A WordPress blog more oriented on various marketing strategies related to WordPress, like reaching a specific number of visitors, getting followers on social media or developing skills that make you a more efficient blogger.

WP Tavern

A WordPress blog based on the newest goings-on in the WordPress world. Things like products, themes, plugins and more. It also brings you information about the WordPress community, meetings, and interviews.


Having a nice and personalized design, with well structured information, WPLift gives you all the info you’d need on various issues related to WordPress. It covers the latest updates, plugins, themes, and shares many usable tips.

Latest posts:

    Feed has no items.


If you’re looking for a credible source for all things WordPress-related then this is possibly the blog for you. It focuses on plugins, themes, as well as code-heavy tutorials on how to solve specific issues in WordPress.

WP Mayor

One of the oldest WordPress resource sites, WP Mayor was founded by Jean Galea in 2013 and it’s specialized in WordPress plugins, themes, reviews, tutorials, news, opinion posts, as well as various tips on how to improve your WordPress website.

WordPress Arena

A dynamic blog for WordPress developers and designers. It shares information on various matters like: coding, themes, tools, tips, tricks, news, marketing and more.

WPAll Club

A recently launched blog, aiming to bring you a large range of resources. It comes with tips about any WordPress topic, starting with beginner tutorials and ending with SEO, speed, security, e-commerce, reviews, roundups etc.

Latest posts:

    Feed has no items.

Tuts Plus

This is a complex blog, gathering 18,780 tutorials and nearly 500 video courses from many areas, many of them from WordPress community. You can also find updates, news, surveys and offers related to WordPress.


For those of you who are looking for a reliable source of SEO insights, this blog will deliver tips and tricks – for both beginners and advanced – that help you rank higher in the search engines.


Looking interactive, like a press site, this WordPress blog presents tutorials, guides, opinions, tips, news, features, interviews and “easy” posts, all from the WordPress world. If you are a beginner, you can find here advice on how to grow your business and make it successful.

Site Point

A blog dedicated to web developers and web designers. There’s a section related only to WordPress where you can find the latest news, tips and tutorials, most of them for advanced users.


Elementor is one of the best page builders for WordPress and host to one of the best WordPress blogs around. They feature reviews of tools for business owners, advice on how to master your marketing and business administration, and more.


A blog oriented more on promoting themes and products developed by its owners. If you’re interested in this topic, you can take a look at their collection, which covers categories like business, video, magazine, e-commerce and so on.

Cozmos labs

The main purpose of this site is to provide various solutions to designers and developers. The hints, tips and tutorials they present are more technical and more directed to advanced users. Nonetheless, you can find some good advice and suggestions here.

Matt Report

A combination of blog and podcast. This website is very interactive, has tutorials, interviews with successful people and guides on how to grow your WordPress business. Most of these posts contain videos of Matt’s. He’s making sure people stay engaged with his content.


Professional at first look, this blog gives the public great detailed articles about the latest news, plugins, tools, themes, images and other products in the WordPress space.

Foo Plugins

The team here specializes in building plugins, but the blog is full of actionable WordPress advice, both for beginners as well as advanced users comfortable around source code.


Most of what you’ll find on this blog are great coding tips and tutorials. It’s a classic and technical website dedicated to web developers who want to improve their skills.


A blog that covers both the technical side of things and the down-to-earth aspects of site building too. They post tutorials, recommendations, promotions, events and tips about plugins, themes, services, security, SEO and more.


Themeisle is our other blog that’s all about delivering beginner and advanced insights on everything related to WordPress, be it development, design, social media, marketing, or community. In short, anything a WordPress person needs for a blooming business.


CodeinWP (that’s us!) is a blog that tries to be useful to WordPress enthusiasts, bloggers and everyone who wants to build their own website. No matter if you want to use WordPress or not, we’re here for you!

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