5 Best ARK Server Hosting Options Compared (Up to 255 Player Slots)

ARK server hosting options

From taming mythical creatures to riding dinosaurs and fighting for survival, the ARK: Survival Evolved action-adventure game touts an enthralling collection of surprises and multi-player opportunities. The popular third and first-person video game offers versions for Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows, along with a less powerful Nintendo Switch version.

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What Are the Main Work From Home Benefits? Here Are 9 Great Reasons to Work From Home

Work from home beenfits

Work from home has always been a topic that leaves room for debate. Some people think it’s a superior model of work, while others are totally against it. The pandemic put many of us in the situation of turning our personal rooms into offices; this experience either made you acknowledge the work from home benefits that you hadn’t been aware of before or just confirmed your previous doubts.

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Best Time and Attendance Software: 10 Time Clock Tools for Effective HR Management

Best Time and Attendance Software

Keeping track of employee’s working hours, overtime, breaks, paid time off, and late-coming doesn’t have to be a difficult task any longer. The best time and attendance software can easily take care of these HR challenges – even during the times of “WFH” and Zoom. From time tracking to employee scheduling, paid time off to overtime, these systems have you covered in all areas! In a jiffy, you’ll be able to tell who came in late for work, who left the work place early or who took a bit too long time over coffee.

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Freelance Project Manager: 18 Best Places to Find Experts for Hire

Best places to hrie project managers

Hiring a freelance project manager means seeking out the absolute best candidate with a wide range of skill sets covering web development, planning, and communication. A project manager’s job varies, but it’s safe to say that you want top-notch resources to outsource your WordPress work and get a high-quality crop of applicants.

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10 Mental Models: Examples for Web Professionals to Help You Get More Work Done

mental models examples for web professionals

For most of us, we know we've had a successful day if our hastily made decisions don't leave the business in ruin. For everyone else, there are mental models. It doesn't matter if you're a marketer or technical support agent, our collection of mental models examples for web professionals will give you new tools for solving problems, making decisions, or even advancing your career.

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Shopify Tutorial: How to Set Up a Shopify Store (Step by Step)

Shopify tutorial

If you’re planning to start an eCommerce business, you already know that Shopify is one of the most popular solutions for launching an online store. It’s a practical tool for creating attractive, functional product pages and enabling customers seamless purchases. However, if you’ve never used this ecommerce platform before, you might not understand exactly how to get started without a Shopify tutorial.

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WordPress 5.7 Is Here, “Stories” Now in WordPress, and No More IE11 Compatibility! 🗞️ April 2021 WordPress News w/ CodeinWP

April 2021 WordPress News w/ CodeinWP

This is the April 2021 edition of “This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP.” We have some exciting news about newly arrived WordPress 5.7 “Esperanza”, WordPress Stories, and a cool new feature to make your content more engaging. Lastly, Gutenberg and WordPress are considering to wave “goodbye” to IE11.

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20 Best Productivity Apps for Mac You Need in 2021

best productivity appos for mac

If you’re looking for some of the best productivity apps for Mac, you’re in the right place! I have 20 excellent options for you to choose from. Each of these apps does a different thing, and each can be useful to you in many different ways. I, for instance, use and love all of them, and I couldn’t recommend them more!

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Squarespace Tutorial: How to Build a Squarespace Website

Squarespace tutorial

Compared to its competitors, Squarespace offers some of the most stylish website designs in the industry, along with a site builder made for business owners of all experience levels. The platform expands its functionality on a regular basis with user-friendly tools for social media marketing, online selling, and email marketing. In this Squarespace tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to build a website on Squarespace, from start to finish.

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10 SEO Tips for Effective Websites: Non-Obvious Tips Proven to Work

  • SEO
seo tips

If you have a website and want it to be found online, you’ll have to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sooner or later. Chances are you’re already familiar with the concept of keywords and Google bots. However, with the ever-changing digital landscape, it’s hard to find relevant and trustworthy website SEO tips.

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12 Effective Time Management Strategies to Get More Stuff Done

Best time management strategies

One of the trickiest things in life is to assume you have time. How often do you tell yourself “This shouldn’t take long” and then wonder why you only managed to finish half of what you had planned for the day? We are very good at getting busy but time doesn’t wait for us. It just passes, no matter if we manage to squeeze in some productivity or not. The best way to stay on top of things is to start employing efficient time management strategies!

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