Best Web Hosting for Small Business – What Your Clients Want vs What They Actually Need

Web hosting for small business is not something that we usually focus too much attention on. I mean, even when building a website for a small business client, we are still very likely to recommend a popular overall hosting solution, like WP Engine or SiteGround. (more…)

Inside the Dev House: How We Handle Automatic Theme Deployment for LITE and PRO WordPress Themes

As you would imagine, theme development is something we do quite a lot of here at the company. With around 4-5 new theme projects in the works at any given moment, and 49 themes in our directory in total (which means active maintenance and further development of those as well), we have our hands rather full. (more…)

Transparency Report #26 – The Future of ThemeIsle and How Often People Change Themes

Welcome to the 26th edition of the monthly transparency report (for March 2017). In this series, I do my best to cover everything that’s been going on here at CodeinWP and ThemeIsle. We talk business, development, marketing, productivity and other fun stuff. Click here to see the previous reports. (more…)

The 3 Best E-Commerce Hosting Solutions Compared

Finding a decent web host is hard enough if you’re running a regular website – never mind if you’re looking for one that can power an online store. To make your life simpler, we took it upon ourselves to look for the some of the best e-commerce hosting solutions out there. (Hard data inside.) (more…)

10+ Best Education WordPress Themes in 2017

Education WordPress themes have a rather important mission, even though it might not seem like so at first. Basically, in the world where so many institutions, schools, and other organizations look for new and effective ways to reach students, good education WordPress themes make that goal a possibility. (more…)

How Much Should a WordPress Theme Cost? Hundreds of Themes Analyzed, Here’s What the Data Says

Pricing is one of the most important traits of any product. To this end, WordPress theme cost should be a crucial sales factor. Yet, looking at the state of the WordPress market today, there’s a bewildering array of different approaches to pricing models. (more…)

March 2017 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

 This is the March 2017 edition of “This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP.” 

Let me tell you something in honesty … March of 2017 was a very eventful month. But in a good way (although a fair share of uncertainty is always there when dealing with big changes; but I’m getting ahead of myself). (more…)

Who Uses WordPress? How About These 100+ Famous Brands

The timeline of WordPress is nothing short of extraordinary. Basically, what started as a niche blogging tool has turned into the most popular publishing platform and website software on the web. Just how popular? Well, currently, research says that more than 27% of the web is powered by WordPress. Just to make this clear, again, that’s 27% of the entire web. (more…)

How to Create a Physical Product Marketplace Like Etsy (on WordPress)

TL;DR: “WordPress and eCommerce”? Who would have guessed just 5 years ago that this would be a viable possibility. Surely not anyone in my university class. Nevertheless, we’re here. And WordPress is now perfectly capable of handling an eCommerce business of any type, basically. So to check the extent of that, we’re looking into the topic of creating a physical product marketplace like Etsy … all on WordPress. Here’s Colin’s take on the topic and his exact step-by-step process:

Transparency Report #25 – Zerif Lite Back … What’s the Impact on Zerif Pro?

Welcome to the 25th edition of our monthly transparency report (for February 2017). In this series, I try to cover everything that’s been going on at CodeinWP and ThemeIsle – from a business point of view, plus all things related (marketing, management, behind the curtains stuff). Click here to see the previous reports. (more…)