Integrating Google Maps With WordPress (the How-To) – Intergeo Maps Plugin Review

Detailed contact information is always important for a website owner, and especially if the website was built for a business purpose. The unfortunate fact is that we should never rely on the visitor’s “drive” to sniff around and find the contact data on their own. This is the kind of information that should always be directly right in front of them. It just makes it easy for the visitors to find you and communicate with you effectively. (more…)

How We Grew Our Blog Exactly? – Transparency Report #4

This is the fourth edition of our transparency report. This series is meant to share all the interesting details going on behind the scenes at CodeinWP (business-wise). Here’s the series’ dedicated category if you want to see any of the previous reports. We’re publishing this just to be transparent about our dealings, and also as a form of giving back to the community and sharing how we do business. In this edition, I talk about everything that happened at CodeinWP in May 2015:

Edited by Karol K.

How we grew our blog

As I look into the archives, the first post on the blog dates back to April 2013, which means that the blog is little over two years old right now.

Since then, it’s been a long journey. Like you would expect, for the entire first year of the blog’s existence hardly anything was going on. I mean, sure, we were (mainly I was) publishing content and reaching out to people via social media, but we didn’t see any noticeable traffic numbers until we were more than 12 months into this thing. (more…)

10+ Best Personal Blog WordPress Themes 2015

Getting a nice WordPress theme is the most exciting and fun part of the job when launching a new blog … whether you’re willing to admit it or not.

So to help you choose what’s best for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best blog WordPress themes for corporate, personal, fashion, and travel blogs. (more…)

WordCamp … the Best €40 You’ll Ever Spend as a WordPress Enthusiast

With the next edition of WordCamp Europe nearly upon us –  just a reminder, it takes place on June 26-28 in Seville  – we’ve been somewhat hastily looking around for a clever way of convincing you to attend this event.

Luckily, we were approached by Dragan Nikolic who offered to share what he thinks of WordCamp, how he benefited from the event, and why you should consider attending one too.

After all, the entry ticket is just €40 so it’s nothing like your usual tech/software conference that’s often $500+.

Enter Dragan

If conferences are not your thing, I understand. They were never mine either, but only until I attended WordCamp for the very first time. And at my third one, I actually got to speak. (more…)

What Gets Shared in WordPress: The Things We Learned by Analyzing 202 Popular Blog Posts

A while ago, we published this post. It’s a list of the top 101 blogs about WordPress and their most popular (2) posts. The goal was to give back to the community and point you to some interesting reading / websites you might not have been aware of.

But why not take it further?

Why not look into those 202 posts more closely and analyze the kinds of topics and sub-niches that are the most popular in the blogosphere in regards to WordPress?

So we’ve followed up on this idea and build a simple research strategy that would give us the answers we wanted. Here are the results. (more…)

The Best WordPress Shared Hosting Providers in the World [By the Numbers + INFOGRAPHIC]

Shared hosting has traditionally been the first port of call for those new to self-hosted WordPress. The combination of server administration, low monthly fees, and tempting add-ons (such as free domains) make it an attractive option for new webmasters.

Better still, prices have remained low over the years, while competition between providers has continually driven the functionality on offer to new heights.

That said, it can be a confusing world to navigate at times.

In this article, we’ll break down the offerings of five of the most prominent shared WordPress hosts and put real numbers next to different aspects of their performance to help you choose between them.

But before we dig into the numbers, let’s begin with some background on shared hosting generally and the approach we took with our testing. We’ll start with the latter. (more…)

WooCommerce Suffering From a Dangerous Object Injection Vulnerability

This is somewhat of a breaking news.

In short: WordPress users have to face possible hacker attacks if they are dealing with the WooCommerce plugin.

Sucuri team just discovered a dangerous vulnerability during their routine audit for their web application firewall.

It seems that the vulnerability inside WooCommerce is Object Injection related and it could allow any hacker to download compromising files from the vulnerable server. The problem appears only if the “PayPal Identity Token” option is set. (more…)

May 2015 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

The month of May was very news-rich in the realm of WordPress, so to speak! It brought us a couple of big stories and massive changes in the WordPress community, which will surely have their consequences in the future.

From big acquisitions and plugins going SaaS, to security issues, birthdays, new plugin releases, and more. So let’s see what’s been going on exactly in this newest edition of This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP. (more…)

10+ Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes 2015

Today, e-commerce is one of the main money-making methods for businesses that want to move their operations to the online. That’s likely one of the reasons why the community of web developers made e-commerce possible on WordPress too.

But in order to launch a successful online store on WordPress, you need a great theme that will offer you optimal design and settings that will fit your goals and overall business vision.

That’s why we made a list featuring the best-looking and feature-rich WooCommerce WordPress themes on the market. Here goes: (more…)

The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate 101: How to Get Started

Since the inception of WordPress plugins about 10 years ago not a lot has changed in the way we write them. There’s a main plugin file with a header followed by the Wild West basically. Apart from using hooks, there is no standardized way of making plugins.

This isn’t necessarily a problem. There are many simple plugins that don’t need a governing framework, and there are some people who can write perfectly coherent procedural code. That said, the quality of code in plugins is generally not the best, a framework or methodology would go a long way in raising it.

In this article, I’ll look at one possible solution – WordPress Plugin Boilerplate. It is meant to be a starting point for plugin development, an object oriented way of creating a standardized plugin. Since it is coded with OOP principles, it is mainly intended for intermediate coders, but you can easily use it even as a beginner if you know what goes where. By the end of this article, you should know what’s what and how you can get started with it – regardless of your coding experience. (more…)