Data Says: Is Building a Community Around Your WordPress Site Worth the Effort?

This is PART 3 of our short series titled “How Building a Community Around Your WordPress Site Can Improve SEO.”

In this part, I want to return to the main question I started off with at the very beginning when I approached CodeinWP about writing this series of reports: (more…)

10+ Best Fashion Blog and Magazine WordPress Themes

Fashion is one of the most popular topics among people overall. Maybe only weather beats it. Or gossip. Nevertheless, this is something WordPress designers understand very well, and that’s why we have so many interesting WordPress themes tailor-made for fashion blogs and magazines specifically.

So here’s our collection of some of the best fashion blog and magazine WordPress themes on the market. We hope you’ll find something suitable for your next project on this list. (more…)

January 2016 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

There’s surely some positive vibe going on in the WordPress community at the beginning of the year! We had new releases, nice improvements, relevant numbers, interesting survey results, a couple of curious changes, and some great articles that offer useful advice on various matters overall.

Welcome to the January 2016 edition of This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP – the first edition of 2016. This is our monthly roundup of news and stories from around the WordPress space. (more…)

6 Top Custom Post Types Plugins for WordPress

With custom post types, you can turn your standard WordPress website into a fully-fledged content management system. On top of that, custom post types will also enable you to introduce some uniqueness on your site, and help it stand out from all the others.

In short, when done right, custom post types help grab your visitors’ attention, and improve their overall reading experience.

But: (more…)

Beginner’s Guide to Learning JavaScript as a WordPress Developer

 This is a contribution by Sufyan bin Uzayr. 
If you have been following the happenings in the WordPress community for the past couple of months, you might already be aware of the rising importance of JavaScript.

First up, the desktop app, Calypso, departed from the standard PHP route and has been coded using JavaScript (something CodeinWP talked about recently). And if that was not enough, in his annual “State of the Word” address in December 2015, Matt Mullenweg kept it straight and simple: (more…)

10+ Best Cheap Premium WordPress Themes

There are lots of great premium WordPress themes out here, but who says a theme is defined by its price? I’ve seen plenty of cheap themes that simply made me fall in love with their design. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an expensive theme, but it also doesn’t sound like a good idea to use a free one – there are lots of in-between options on the market.

I took a look around and found a series of awesome, good-looking and cheap premium WordPress themes that I’m going to present you right now. Take a look at our list and tell us what you think about them. (more…)

Transparency Report #11 – Expanding the CodeinWP Family, “Yay!” for New Products, “Boo!” for Lost Revenue

Welcome to the 11th edition of our transparency report! This monthly series is all about the business side of what’s been going on here at CodeinWP. Each month, I share the interesting details, as well as my comments on the current happenings. I also try to relate it back to more general advice, which you can hopefully use and adapt to your own business. (Check out the previous reports here.) In this edition, I talk about what happened at CodeinWP in December 2015: (more…)

Free Images for Blogs – How to Get Them & Use Them Effectively (Warning! Non-Obvious Advice, Data-Backed)

They say that blog posts with images get around 94 percent more views than those without them.[1]

Yeah, alright, but are those “just numbers”?

I mean, is there any particular reason why images work that well on WordPress blogs, or do we just like to look at them … with no further explanation needed?

More importantly, are all images created equal? Do you just need “an image” for your blog, no matter what’s in it? Or maybe the kind of image makes a difference? (more…)

December 2015 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

So here we are in 2016 already!

But, let’s go back just a bit to discuss what happened in December 2015 in the world of WordPress. After all, it was a very “rich” month when it came to news. We had new releases, new goals to focus on in the new year, lots of stats, and some curious announcements.

So before getting completely engaged with the new year’s tasks, let’s take a look back at the big changes that took place right before the year ended.

Here’s This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP – the final edition of 2015. (more…)

10+ Best Travel WordPress Themes

Why travel WordPress themes? Well, “travel” is one of the biggest markets out there. In fact, the travel industry accounts for 10% of all employment in the world. Again, that’s all employment (roughly 277 million jobs)!

That’s why the competition in this field is very high too, and every travel agency needs to get their customers’ attention somehow. Having a catchy and intuitive website can be the key to your growth.

With that in mind, we prepared a selection of some of the best travel WordPress themes that will “wow” your customers and make them remember you. Running a travel blog? We’ve got that covered too! (more…)