WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com – What’s the Difference?

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out there. And over the years, it has become *THE* solution for non-blog websites as well. The data doesn’t lie.

But there are two sides to “WordPress,” and they can be quite confusing for someone not familiar with the topic.

There’s WordPress.com.

And there’s WordPress.org.

And they are different… Fundamentally.


Writing About WordPress? Here’s Where to Get Your Statistics From

Okay, so you’re writing a post/article or creating some other piece of content around WordPress, but you want for what you’re saying to pack a stronger punch … to resonate with the reader better.

For that, you need yourself some hard stats.

Raw data is just very tough to ignore and makes everyone pay attention.

The reason is quite simple; opinions are plenty and you can’t tell whether they’re true or false at first sight, but raw data can’t be argued with. Everyone can relate to it, and everyone can interpret it in their own way. (more…)

20+ Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes

Online shops (also known as e-commerce stores) are one of the most popular business models of today. They’re straightforward, understandable, and most of the time, they have a relatively low barrier to entry.

However, to start an online shop, you still need to put in place a handful of crucial elements. One of which is a quality online store software and design. These days, the best and the easiest to use solution comes from WooCommerce (among others) – the free e-commerce store module for WordPress sites.

As for the designs … see this list of the best free WooCommerce themes that can help you begin your journey into the world of e-commerce. (more…)

The Changes on the WordPress Market and Why Teamwork Matters – Transparency Report #7

Welcome to the seventh edition of our transparency report! In this series, I’m talking about everything going on at CodeinWP that’s interesting from a business perspective. I’m doing what I can to be transparent, share our current strategies, goings-on, wins and loses, and basically everything else that happens in our day-to-day. (Here are all the previous reports, if you want to check them out.) In this edition, I talk about everything that happened at CodeinWP in August 2015: (more…)

PayPal vs Stripe vs Authorize.net vs Amazon Payments – Which Is Best for a WordPress Site

 This is a contribution by Shaun Quarton. 
These days, practically anyone can run an online business – all that you need, really, is a website.

And, with the rise of the user-friendly WordPress CMS and simple-but-powerful shopping cart functionality courtesy of WooCommerce, even non-technical individuals can put together an aesthetically pleasing, fully functional website. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, either – the WooCommerce and WordPress core are free to use, and there’s plenty of affordable hosting and domain providers out there. (more…)

20+ Free Responsive Corporate WordPress Themes for Business 2015

When you’re starting a new business, you need to pay attention to the smallest of details. And one of such is a good-looking and well-optimized website that can help you market your business and build your brand.

To help you get going right away, we’ve prepared a list of the best free WordPress business themes for startups. Have big plans for the future? Start with your website, and make it look correct with these free WordPress themes. (more…)

August 2015 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

The last month of the summer is behind us. What a pity. But things are still pretty hot in the land of WordPress. At least last month they were.

Granted, August was a bit more calm, but there was still a lot of interesting things happening, and we’re going to talk about them all in this edition of our monthly roundup.

Welcome to This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP – the August 2015 edition. (more…)

What We Learned From Launching Our Most Feature-Rich WordPress Theme to Date – Transparency Report #6

Welcome to this sixth edition of our transparency report! This series is all about sharing everything that’s been going on at CodeinWP business-wise. Each month, I’m taking the time to discuss specific aspects of the business, the lessons learned, and the plans going forward. (See the series’ dedicated category to get to the previous reports.) In this edition, I talk about everything that happened at CodeinWP in July 2015: (more…)

[Case Study PART 1] From 0 to 4,000 … How We Grew Our Email List – Our Stats, Tools, Opt-in Forms

Living on this world for however many years, you must be familiar with this:


20+ Best Flat Design WordPress Themes For Business, Blog And Magazine Style Websites 2015

Many of the most successful people, teams, and companies choose simplicity and modesty when it comes to their website designs. In 2015, this seems like the right bet to make, with flat design being the leading design trend of them all.

So today, we’re looking into that. If you want your website to cater to the modern visitor, here’s a collection of the best flat design WordPress themes on the market. (more…)