Shopify vs Magento vs WooCommerce vs Bigcommerce vs Wix

Online stores are very popular nowadays as a business model. They can bring some great benefits to new business owners who want to get their hands dirty, so to speak, and offer their products to a wider audience.

That’s why today we’re comparing the top 5 of the most popular and best e-commmerce and online store solutions available on the market. (more…)

Complete Tutorial: How to Build a Membership Site on WordPress

Membership sites (on WordPress) are a really interesting concept, and especially when it comes to finding a unique way to deliver premium content to your audience or customers.

When you look at it, there’s hardly any other method out there that would give you full control over what portion of your content the users can access. For instance, with a standard product or a book, such control is just not possible. People tend to pass around books and other forms of physical products. But in most cases, they won’t pass around their membership site details.

Therefore, the idea of membership sites itself is great, provided that you – or the business you’re building the site for – have the right content to share on a membership basis. (more…)

April 2015 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

April, another exciting month for the WordPress community! A new version is out, some useful plugins and themes were launched, new announcements were made, and … we all got a bit scared about the recent vulnerabilities found in WordPress.

So without further ado, read all about that (and more) in this newest edition of This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP. (more…)

10+ Best Small Business WordPress Themes for Startups

One of the most important steps when launching any type of business these days (especially a startup) is to build a website to let everybody know about what your mission is and what you have to offer.

So here’s a list of 10+ great WordPress themes for startups and small businesses that will help you out on your way to greatness. (more…)

If You’re Not Offering This as a WordPress Freelancer/Agency You’re Leaving Money on the Table

Granted, WordPress rarely breaks down by itself … like a car does, or your fridge. But every once in a while, new security issues or bugs get discovered, some plugins start acting wonky and even the database itself needs some spring cleaning.

So as great as WordPress is, it’s not a maintenance-free product.

And the issues tend to add up over time. The most common indication that something is not right, and the easiest one to spot, is site speed going down. This is always a wake-up call for the webmaster to do some maintenance.

However, what if the webmaster isn’t that WordPress-savvy? What if it’s a client of yours who just wants their damn site to work properly(!) and doesn’t care that much about doing the administrative work.

Well, this is where you can step into the picture and offer them a WordPress check-up package for a monthly fee. (more…)

10+ Best Free WordPress Themes Released in April 2015

Looks like WordPress designers and developers never take a break. They are working all the time and they always transform their ideas into nice products. Almost every day a new WordPress theme is launched, and this should only encourage us to be just as productive in our work as well.

If you want to see what the newest creations look like, take a glance at these best free WordPress themes released in April 2015. There is some good stuff around here and you shouldn’t miss any of it. (more…)

Hustle, Ups and Downs, and a Lot of Testing – Transparency Report #2

This is the second edition of our transparency report (here’s the first one). I’m publishing it monthly to let you know what’s been going on inside CodeinWP business-wise and what were some of the most interesting goings-on of the last 30 days. The goal of this whole thing is to be transparent and honest with you about the way we’re doing business, plus some of the ups and downs of our journey.

Revenue breakdown (Mar 1st – Apr 1st)

Last time, I shared our revenue all the way from Jan 1st 2013 to Mar 1st 2015. Today, let’s look at what was going on between Mar 1st and Apr 1st: (more…)

20+ Best Photography WordPress Themes 2015

Photography WordPress themes can really impress you with their unique designs. Mostly based on multimedia files and interactive elements, they are made to reflect the owner’s artistic nature and to help them showcase their best work in the best fashion possible.

Combining stunning layouts with different image formats and dimensions, each of the photography WordPress themes below is beautiful in its own way.

Here are some of the best themes created for people in love with photography. Some keep it simple and classic while others go for more modern and stylish design.  (more…)

March 2015 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

Welcome to another edition of This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP. This time, we’re looking into the interesting things that happened in the WordPress space in March 2015.

It was an eventful month, that’s for sure, and it brought us many theme and plugin releases, events, tutorials, interviews, and lots of other cool stuff. (more…)

How to Boost Your Ecommerce SEO With a Few WordPress Tweaks

 This is a guest post by Catalin Zorzini. 
Oh SEO, the dreaded three letters that make just about every ecommerce webmaster cringe. You look at Google and search for your keywords and realize that all of your sales depend on how well your site ranks on the first page, especially since 70 percent of users never scroll past the first page.

You can grab one of the top notch ecommerce platforms for some nice SEO features, but this usually doesn’t solve all your problems. The key is making those little tweaks, the things that not everyone does to push you slightly above your competitors and improve your sales dramatically.

Everyone tries to optimize their sites, but it seems to be the simple things that help you improve overall and get over those one or two search engine spot hurdles you are yearning for.

Let’s take a look at a few WordPress tweaks to help boost your ecommerce SEO within a few minutes. (more…)