What We Learned From Launching Our Most Feature-Rich WordPress Theme to Date – Transparency Report #6

Welcome to this sixth edition of our transparency report! This series is all about sharing everything that’s been going on at CodeinWP business-wise. Each month, I’m taking the time to discuss specific aspects of the business, the lessons learned, and the plans going forward. (See the series’ dedicated category to get to the previous reports.) In this edition, I talk about everything that happened at CodeinWP in July 2015: (more…)

[Case Study PART 1] From 0 to 4,000 … How We Grew Our Email List – Our Stats, Tools, Opt-in Forms

Living on this world for however many years, you must be familiar with this:


20+ Best Flat Design WordPress Themes For Business, Blog And Magazine Style Websites 2015

Many of the most successful people, teams, and companies choose simplicity and modesty when it comes to their website designs. In 2015, this seems like the right bet to make, with flat design being the leading design trend of them all.

So today, we’re looking into that. If you want your website to cater to the modern visitor, here’s a collection of the best flat design WordPress themes on the market. (more…)

Why PSD to HTML Is Not Dead (Even in the WordPress Age)

 This is a guest post by Robert Hapiuc. He was the one responsible for designing the main CodeinWP website. 
“Come on, man, who needs PSD to HTML if I can just get a free WordPress theme and have a site launched in minutes?!” – is likely the response you’re going to get from anyone working with websites.

But would they be right? Is PSD to HTML really done?

Or maybe we’re missing something here… (more…)

SiteGround vs Bluehost vs HostGator vs InMotion Hosting [For WordPress]

We love contests here at CodeinWP, and that’s why we’re bringing you another one today. This time, we’re comparing four of the top shared hosting providers for WordPress:  SiteGround, Bluehost, HostGator, and InMotion Hosting .

Why particularly THESE four? Simple, they’re the most effective shared hosts for WordPress in terms of speed, features, pricing plans, support, and more.

In this resource, we’re looking into the features that each hosting provider gives you, and then answer the questions of which one is the cheapest, the fastest, and the most user-friendly. And lastly, which is the best all-around solution. (more…)

July 2015 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP (#wpdrama Edition)

July was a hot month.

And I’m not talking about the temperature our side of the globe.

It’s the WordPress community that’s been on fire for weeks in a row, as Matt Mullenweg and Chris Pearson had a “small” conflict that turned into a very controversial and popular topic among the WordPress people.

It’s even got its own hashtag – #wpdrama.

And we’ve been paying attention just like the rest of the community. So:

What you’re reading here is a special edition of our series – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP – the monthly roundup of news related to WordPress. This month, we’re making the report 100% #wpdrama exclusive. (more…)

Integrating Charts and Graphs With WordPress (The How-To) – Visualizer Plugin Review

Raw data, stats, charts and graphs.

… Including those is your no.1 way of taking a blog post (or any online article) to the next level in terms of content quality and authority.

There’s just way too much content out there written on the fly and without much care put into the accuracy of the actual information. So the only way to stand out is to provide something more. Something that has its grounds in the real world. Hence, stats and other types of data.

But numbers alone won’t make much of an impact. They’re inherently not sexy. So we need a more user-friendly and, most importantly, reader-friendly solution. (more…)

Grammarly vs Jetpack vs Ginger vs Hemingway vs Standard Spellchecker for WordPress

Grammar’s a ****!!$%#!

Every blogger can relate.

And for me – not being a native English speaker – it’s even more brutal. I spend way too much time than I should tweaking various parts of my posts just to make sure that they are … what’s the word … readable.

On one hand, grammar is not the be-all-end-all of blogging. You can still build a successful blog or online magazine (or blog business) despite having some small issues in your writing here and there.

But on the other hand, there is a kind of critical mass of mistakes allowed. Once you hit it, your content becomes impossible to digest, and your readers will start flocking out … straight to your more educated competitors.

I have some good news, though. There is a solution. (more…)

Our Position on the Free WP Theme Market – Transparency Report #5

Welcome to the fifth edition of our transparency report! In this series, we’re sharing everything that’s been going on under the hood at CodeinWP. (Hop over to the series’ own category to see all the previous reports.) The idea behind publishing this whole thing is to be transparent about the way we’re doing business and what we’ve been able to learn along the way. I hope that some of this will come handy to you when faced with similar challenges. In this edition, I talk about everything that happened at CodeinWP in June 2015:

A radical step

So you’re probably familiar (or at least I hope) with our top selling theme – Zerif Pro – and its lite version – Zerif Lite. Like I said here before a couple of times, this theme is the flagship product of ours and month after month it brings in around 40-50 percent of our revenue. (more…)

10+ Best Free WordPress Themes Released in July 2015

Apart from all the news, #wpdrama, and other changes that are taking place in the WordPress community, it seems that working on new themes and plugins is still developers’ favorite concern. And rightly so, themes have always been essential for the WordPress world and that’s why they receive this much attention.

Therefore, if you’re curious to see what the newest creations look like, take a glance at this list of the best free WordPress themes released in July 2015 (and tell us what you think of them). (more…)